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Profile Overview

Jack Logan

Human (former Borg) Cisgender man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Logan


Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Endeavour


Jack Logan


Lexington, Kentucky, Earth


Now Chief of Security on the USS Endeavour, Jack Logan is a former Starfleet Intelligence officer and a former Borg drone. After over a decade of service, Logan went missing on a mission on the Beta Quadrant frontier. His fate was only discovered when a derelict Borg ship was discovered beyond Federation space years later, with a handful of drones left alive on this dying Sphere. Some, including Logan, were rescued before the Sphere destroyed itself. Assimilated only for a few years, Logan was able to recover his individuality and returned to the Federation, spending several years in extensive therapeutic treatments and undergoing a high level of vetting before he re-entered Starfleet service. In a post-Mars Federation, crews struggled to adapt to an ‘xB’ colleague and Logan ultimately drifted to Starfleet Intelligence, where he was regularly dispatched on frontier operations and became, in his own words, viewed as expendable, if not outright disposable, by his superiors.


Logan is a man of seeming contrasts, a former Borg with a good sense of humour and a fondness for socialising. His psychological profile suggests he uses jokes to make himself likeable, but while he attempts to endear himself to others and make a positive first impression, years of psychiatric treatment have impressed upon him the importance of being comfortable in his own skin. He will try to present his best self to others, but can be stubbornly unyielding if asked to particularly compromise his behaviour. It makes him up front without being rude, direct without being blunt. Logan himself accepts that he cannot control what someone will think of an xB, but he can do his best to make sure he is seen as human.

As part of one of the most hated communities in the galaxy, his life has been difficult for the past fifteen years. He struggled to find a sense of community among crews and worked for Starfleet Intelligence along difficult frontiers, often operating solo. Despite this, he reportedly dislikes solitude – a lingering consequence of no longer being part of the Borg Collective. Just as he can be withdrawn and melancholy, he can be highly gregarious, and enjoys being around people even if he isn’t participating in a social event. This is helped by his propensity to stay busy, and while often he stays busy with work, he will almost always be doing something: playing sports or music, engaging with interactive media, or working with his hands. He prefers this to be interactive, and doesn’t tend towards quiet, self-driven hobbies like reading – the worst thing, he has expressed to psychiatrists, is being alone with his thoughts, and sitting quietly in a room can quickly become that. This does mean that if Logan is part of a community, he drives it with engagement, activities, and enthusiasm, both to chase a sense of lost belonging – of who he was before the Collective, and to the Collective itself – and to avoid the perilousness of loneliness.