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Charles Greene

Human Male

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Rank & Address

Ensign Greene


Junior Operations Officer
USS Denver


Charles Anthony Greene

28 August 2362

New York City, New York, Earth


Charles Anthony Greene (born August 28, 2350) is the operations officer of the USS Denver. He grew up in New York City. Greene was a standout athlete at Starfleet Academy and was drafted by the London Knights in the first round of the 2372 WFL draft,  but chose to pursue his career in Starfleet.




Early Life:

Charles Anthony Greene was born on August 28, 2350, in the bustling metropolis of New York City. He was the second child of John and Sarah Greene, with an older sister named Emily. Growing up in a loving and supportive family, Charles had a childhood filled with memorable moments and valuable life lessons.


Charles attended local schools in New York City, where he quickly demonstrated his intellectual curiosity and athletic prowess. Throughout his early years, he balanced academics and sports, showing a natural talent for both.

High School Years:

During his high school years, Charles excelled in various sports, primarily focusing on football and track and field. He played both Wide Receiver and Cornerback on his high school’s football team, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the game.

Academically, Charles remained a diligent student, maintaining an impressive academic record. He was well-liked by both teachers and peers for his friendly demeanor and leadership qualities.

Starfleet Academy Years:

Upon graduating from high school, Charles Anthony Greene made a decision that would take him on a unique journey. He chose to attend Starfleet Academy, where he aimed to pursue a career in space exploration and service to the Federation. His decision was met with pride and support from his family, who recognized his potential to excel in whatever path he chose.

At Starfleet Academy, Charles was not only a dedicated student but also continued to showcase his athletic talents. He joined the Academy’s football team, becoming a key player in their roster. As a Wide Receiver and Cornerback, his speed, agility, and strategic thinking on the field were invaluable assets to the team. His athletic accomplishments at the Academy added to his already impressive track record in sports.

Football Career at Starfleet Academy:

During his time at Starfleet Academy, Charles Anthony Greene’s dual commitment to academics and football was truly remarkable. He balanced a rigorous course load with the demands of being a student-athlete. His leadership skills, both on and off the field, earned him the respect of his teammates and coaches.

Drafted by the WFL:

As his senior year at Starfleet Academy approached, Charles faced a momentous opportunity. He was drafted by the London Knights in the first round of the 2372 WFL draft, a successor to the NFL. The Knights recognized his exceptional talent and potential as a football player. This draft pick was a testament to his dedication and skills honed over the years.

The choice between a promising career in professional football and his commitment to Starfleet presented a challenging dilemma for Charles. His decision would once again shape his future and determine whether he would continue to pursue the stars or embark on a different kind of journey on the football field.

USS Fermi:

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Charles Anthony Greene was assigned to the USS Fermi as an engineer. His training and discipline from both his athletic and academic backgrounds served him well in this role. As a dedicated member of the crew, he contributed to the ship’s operations and maintenance, ensuring it remained at peak performance.

The Federation/Klingon War (2373-2374):

During his tenure on the USS Fermi, Charles found himself in the midst of a galactic crisis. In 2373, the Federation became embroiled in a conflict with the Klingon Empire, leading to the Federation/Klingon War. The USS Fermi was deployed to the front lines, where Charles and his fellow crew members faced the challenges and dangers of wartime service.

Capture by the Dominion:

Tragically, the USS Fermi would meet a grim fate during this tumultuous period. In 2374, the ship was involved in a fierce battle against Dominion forces. Despite their valiant efforts, the Fermi was destroyed in the line of duty. Charles, along with surviving crew members, found themselves taken prisoner by the Dominion, an authoritarian and formidable power in the galaxy.

As a prisoner of the Dominion, Charles experienced the harsh realities of captivity. It was a trying time that tested his resilience and determination. He drew upon his experiences as an athlete and the discipline instilled during his time at Starfleet Academy to endure the hardships of imprisonment.

This challenging period would shape Charles in profound ways, forging his character and resilience in the face of adversity. His eventual release and return to the Federation marked the end of a tumultuous chapter in his life.

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Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 - 2372 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2372 - 2374 Engineer USS Fermi
2374 - 2375 Acting Chief of Operations USS Denver
2375 - 2376 Acting Chief of Operations USS Denver
Lieutenant Junior Grade