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Profile Overview

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Tellarite Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Log


Engineering Officer
Starbase Bravo


Log’s father always said he didn’t have the stomach for confrontation, an unfortunately scathing review for any Tellarite, and one that isn’t quite true. Log loved a good challange, an epic tustle of champions and the repartay of debate; it just so happened that he prefferdit when the other party wasn’t flesh and blood. From a young age he found that it was far more enjoyable to battle with a particularly stubborn replicator which could never quite make fruit sweet enough or to spend days on end wrestling with a holo-table that gave everything a slight green tinge. More than once his father had returned home from the capital to find his son deep in conversation with a piece of machinery.

Despite his father’s disappointment and spurred by his mother’s never failing support he applied to join an accelerated learning program with the Tellar Consolidated Shipyards; within a few years he was familiar face to many, his unusually lithe frame allowing him crawl around the shipyard’s nooks disciplining unruly machines back into line. It wasn’t long before Log found himself at the temporary home of shipbuilding in the Federation, Eta Eridani, where after repeated reports from Chief Engineers of newly commissioned ships extoling Log’s skill he was finally convinced leave the dusty skies of Vulcan behind and join Starfleet Academy. Reportedly late to his own graduation, having been stuck beneath one of the academy’s faulty shuttlecraft at the time, he was nevertheless awarded his first golden pip. Before he even step foot out of the graduation hall Lt. Maine had snapped him up for Theta Squad and his adventures as thier resident engineering genius began.


Short even by Tellerite standards and with a thin, lithe frame you’d be forgiven for thinking Log to be terribly unwell for a Tellarite, in fact more than once he was reffered to the doctor over the concerns of well-meaning teachers and neighbours. Log however always found his small frame a useful trait in getting into the depths of a ship’s systems, his long arms and dextrous fingers giving him the visage of an Earth ape as he swings between rafters and crawls between bulkheads. His dark hair cut short to avoid unexpected snags his skin constantly seems besmirched with grease and oil.

Produced via STA token generator


Kind and eager to please (at least by Tellarite standards) Log is often underestimated by people at first glance. Where they see an unfortuante and possibly runtish young man Log sees a nimble and agile engineer, ready to do battle with the next challange that faces. His even temprament combined with his natural social discomfort caused several Academy professors to mandate trips to councillors to improve his percieved lack of social skills; whilst well intentioned they missed the fact that Log had many friends and was one of the more popular cadets (who wouldn’t love the guy who could re-programe the replicator to make perect fudge cake). People just didn’t interest Log as much as technology did, he wasn’t anti-people, just pro-machine.

Following his recruitment to Theta Squad Log has found his social battery growing as a result of the tight-night group and their brushes with danger. He might even consider some of them preferable to machines, particularly Zaya, the cardassian specialist who recently joined the team. Recognising a fellow other from the cultural norm Log spends a great deal of time with them and their laughter can often be heard rolling from the mess over a perfectly tasting dinner.


Life on Tellar
Log spent many evenings at his father’s knee, listening to the daily broadcasts from the Law Halls as the best of Tellar Prime’s citizens debated the laws of the Federation. His father often had an opinion to add, Log did not, choosing rather to focus on the trublesome hovertoy in pieces on the floor. Despite his teacher’s best intentions the young Tellarite was not suited to the great rhethoric of debate, political campaigning or the nuances of law as his celebrated Father had hoped; finding himself instead excelling at the minute manipulation of circuitry and the forces of nature.

With some sadness his Father allowed him to pursue his fascination with machines, despite the fact it drew him further and further away from his peers into a muttering meditation in the shed at the bottom of the garden. His mother however, was delighted that the replicator seemed more efficent and the family hover car didn’t make that grinding sound anymore; her only concern was that his friends were becoming more and more mechanical every day. The sound of his father’s heart breaking when Log announced he had applied to the prestigoues Tellar Prime Shipyards was only drowned out by his mother’s gleeful squeel.

The Yards

At the yards, life became easier for Log to understand, he was assigned tasks with clear and immutable targets  and often excelled at them, delivering results beyond the commander’s expectations. Unfortunately his work often facilitated his anti-social tendencies and he once spent several days repairing micro hull breaches inside a freighter without people realising he was absent from the daily mealtime. Log wasn’t unliked, in fact his colleagues celebrated his hard work ethic and friendly attitude, but he found machines easier to understand and less prone to unexpected explosions. As time went on he began garnering a reputation for fixing problems that other engineer’s had given up on and Senior officer’s were ecstatic as he helped push ships out of the dockyards ahead of schedule and with improvements their new crews were expecting.

After several years and dozens of positive citations for excellent work and adaptive thinking Log was encouraged (by several base commanders) to apply for Starfleet Academy. In an unexpectedly touching moment, when he left for Earth, at least half of the shipywards downed tools to wave goodbye.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Starbase Bravo Engineering Response Team
2400 - 2401 Theta Squad - Quartermaster USS Daedalus
2400 - 2401 Engineer U.S.S. Nestus
239 - 2400 Starfleet Officer Conversion Course Cadet Officer
2398 - 2399 Technician (Civilian) Eta Eridani Shipyards, Vulcan
2394 - 2398 Technician Tellar Consolidated Shipyards
Crewman Apprentice