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Profile Overview

Gus Viat

Vulcan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Viat


Assistant Chief of Security
USS Denver


Strellaass Viat

Sept 1, 2306



Describing Gus in one word is easy. Atypical. He’s a Vulcan tactical recon officer. Rare enough. Add to that his unregimented semi-following of typical Vulcan behavior, and boisterous laugh.

Several fruitless years at the Vulcan science academy taught him one thing. He wasn’t a scientist. Not that he couldn’t apply himself to the work, but that it lacked any interest at all.



Gus has lighter brown hair he keeps to a short military style haircut. Dark almost cinnamon brown eyes fair a friendly face. There isn’t much on Gus that is excess. His build would be almost all and lanky.

Height 5’11”

Weight 185

Hair; Red

Eye Color: Green


To look at Gus is a study of reactionary thinking. Short, military cropped hair, toothy grin, kind eyes, and an easy going demeanor.

Toxic traits are lack of discipline. Goof off time is AFTER everything is squared away.

What you see is often not what you get. Gus is Vulcan, but loves a good laugh. A bit more hedonist than most Vulcans.

Spoken languages; Vulcan, Federation Standard, Trill.

Ambitions: To serve usefully.

Hobbies: Spanish Guitar, Antique firearms and weapons tech in general. Botany.


Even with the benefit of a traditional Vulcan upbringing, some just don’t conform.  Strellaass was such a person. The concepts of math and science made sense to him as much as any other Vulcan, but his being felt unbound by traditional constraint. Vulcan society in general didn’t accept non-conformity well. His second year at the science academy, it was mutually decided his talents lie elsewhere.

Starting as enlisted, Gus rose quickly to the senior enlisted Ranks. Recently he was offered the chance to attend Officer’s Candidate School where he earned his commission

Birth 2306
Born in KirShar near the Vulcan forge. Early on it was discovered he carried the genes for a rare but treatable disease. However, the corrective gene therapy caused the red hair and lighter skin. Typical upbringing otherwise. Excelled at physical activities more than cerebral. His given name was Strellaass. He learned few races could get the nuance of the name quite correct which bugged him more than he thought it should.

Entered Vulcan Science Academy 2326
As expected of him, he entered the Vulcan Science Academy. His family had a tradition of serving. He struggled with focus. Not that he couldn’t do the problems, it just wasn’t interesting.
Arguing with the deans at time only made the issue worse. After four years, the mutual decision was that perhaps his talents did lie elsewhere and his service wasn’t needed.

 Kolinar attempt 2330
Searching within was perhaps the answer. Making the pilgrimage to Mount Seleya, the monks greeted him openly and he did learn quite a bit. Emotional reaction could be dangerous certainly, but he didn’t see the logic of shutting off all emotions. Con

That too ended with more questions than answers for Strellaass. It appeared what he sought wasn’t on the home world.

Enlisted in Starfeet 2333
Getting into Starfleet Academy was easy enough, but many where shocked to learn he wanted tactical command. Something that he had been denied before as he was too emotional.

Since he was longer lived than humans, he decided to go the quick route and enlist immediately. Officer’s candidacy would easy later. He was wrong. Starting as crewman, he did rise relatively quickly. Petty Officer second class happened shortly after his second year. By the time his eigth year rolled around, Gus had made Chief Petty Officer in 2342 during his transfer to Starbase Yorktown. Continuing to improve and care for those around him, he made Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2348.

Third Pon Farr at 42 produces heirs 2348-2349
Midway through 2348, Gus met Cia, an unjoined Trill nurse practioner. They became close friends. Gus went into Pon Farr. When Cia tried to initiate the action, he pulled away and she had to convince him she was okay with it. He initiated a minor mind meld with her. That strengthened the bond. Soon Cia was pregnant with twins. The pair decided to get married. Regulations didn’t always outright forbid enlisted/officer, but Gus decided to finish his enlistment instead.

Sabbatical 2349-2368
The following spring, Cia returned to active duty while Gus took care of the home and the fraternal twins. Samuel and Tziara. Since they agreed to the decision together, he stayed onboard ship for the first ten years.

When the children attended school, it freed Gus to return to a more active training regiment. Focusing on learning a variety of weapons, he found a new hobby in firearms, and archery. As the children grew, he also taught them the basics of self defense and assorted techniques. Though it was clear they weren’t receptive initially, but they worked through it. Both now are on their way to respective colleges.

Returns to Active Duty 2368

Gus felt it was time to revisit his service. Visiting the locale recruiting, his hopes were initially dashed. Then the Dominion threw a kamikaze raid on the USS Odyssey. The writing had already been on the wall as his smarter human counterparts would say. Now it was apparent and far too late to catch up. Something he’d been vocal about to anyone that would listen. It was the one part of his Vulcan heritage he didn’t always agree with. Pacifist to the point of annihilation was illogical.

He was accepted back, though he didn’t get an outright promise of a slot in Officer’s Candidate School, he knew that choicer slots were available now. He held out for a choice one. Duty on a frontline starship. He was assigned to the USS Berlin as a tactical team leader with rank of a Master Chief Petty Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2333 - 2334 Mechanized Infantry/Cavalry Scout The Forge-Vulcan
Crewman Recruit
2334 - 2342 Tactical Reaction Team Deep Space four
Petty Officer Third Class
2342 - 2346 Tactical Reaction Team Starbase Yorktown
Chief Petty Officer
2346 - 2349 Tactical Recon Team Leader USS Gary Mitchell
Senior Chief Petty Officer
2370 - 2374 Tactical Recon Team Leader USS Berlin
Master Chief Petty Officer