Profile Overview


Klingon Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign K'vagh


Security Officer
Starbase Bravo


K'vagh son of Ma'vok

20th June 2367

Qo'nos, Ketha Province


K’vagh is a Klingon of imposing stature. Approximately 6ft 7 inches tall & approx 156lbs.

K’vagh is an athletic build, with clear definition and tone in the upper body.

He wears his hair swept back culminating in a medium-length ponytail.

Facial hair is well groomed most commonly a goatee.

K’vagh always wears a Klingon baldric displaying his house crest as a mark of respect for his ancestors and father.


K’vagh can be at times a recluse- keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself and rarely socialising with other colleagues. There are from time to time individuals who make an impression on him for various reasons and one might consider them to be the closest thing to friends that K’vagh may have.

K’vagh is still deeply driven by honour, but seldom lets his society’s customs and ideology conflict with his responsibility as a Starfleet officer.

K’vagh could once have been considered a very typical Klingon – loud, rude, and aggressive. However, over the years he has mellowed to conform to the expectations of a Starfleet officer through and through.


Early Life – (2367-2377)

K’vagh was born Stardate 44467.2 (June 20th, 2367 in the Georgian calender) into the house of Ma’vok. His father Ma’vok son of HIqQIch rose to power during the mid-2280s as hostilities between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets were winding down. Prior to this, his father distinguished himself during the latter period of the Federation Klingon war and was subsequently one of several respected Klingons who took part in the negotiations that culminated in the Khitomer Accords in 2293.

K’vagh was born during the 2367 Klingon civil war and according to custom, a child born during a time of war is considered an omen of good fortune. His family name gave him status and the promise of future power therefore his father spared no effort or expense in training and educating the young K’vagh to lead warriors from a young age.

Despite his gallantry and universal respect amongst the council members there was always one individual who was opposed to K’vagh’s heritage; his uncle, Jel’Pok.

By 2372, hostilities between the Klingons, Cardassians, and The Dominion had begun; Ma’vok pledged his house to the conflict and left the Klingon homeworld and his son behind to fight. K’vagh did not see his father again for several years due to his engagements on the front line of the Dominion War.

After the end of the Dominion War, Ma’vok was joined on the high council by his brother Jel’pok who earned his own place for his victories during the war. History records Jel’pok as a valiant warrior who showed great courage and glory in battle. The reality is that this was always at the expense of his own men or others, the majority of Jel’pok’s valor was stolen and not his own. Ma’vok knew this but was never able to prove it.

For the next few years, a feud ensued in the house of Ma’vok that threatened to plunge the empire into another civil war as tensions strained between supporters of both Klingon names.

Stardate 54855.8 (November 9th, 2377 GC) tragedy struck the family when Ma’vok was assassinated in broad daylight in the streets of the first city, Almost immediately under Klingon law the lands & titles that belonged to Ma’vok were inherited by the next eldest male member with a claim to them – Jel’pok. As K’vagh was before the age of Ascension he could not yet claim to be Ma’vok’s direct heir so almost immediately overnight the House of Ma’vok became the House of Jel’pok.

Jel’pok wasted no time in dissolving his brother’s estate and destroying his good name. Six months later Jel’pok had succeeded in petitioning the council to disgrace his brother by presenting evidence of treason and cowardice during the dominion war. K’vagh always maintained the evidence was falsified and a lie but with no one left to defend his father’s honour, and K’vagh being too young to be accepted as rightful heir, Jel’pok officially dissolved the last remnants of his brother’s title and banished K’vagh and his mother in disgrace.

K’vagh would spend the next few years growing a deep hatred for his uncle until he was old enough to earn his own honor and titles.

Age of Inclusion and KDF service – (2380-2390)

Stardate 57468.4 (June 20th, 2380 GC) K’vagh reached the age of Ascension and during his ceremony declared himself a Klingon Warrior and intended to gain glory and honour and one-day challenge Jel’pok.  Without a house name to stand by however and his father’s reputation destroyed he found it very difficult to be accepted initially with many houses and even lower-ranking officers refusing to entertain his requests to join their ranks.

By August K’vagh had been introduced to an old friend of his fathers who was second in command of a B’rel class Warbird under the banner of the House of Wov’Sech. The house had always been a strong ally of the House of Ma’vok but as one of the ‘Great Klingon Houses’ they maintained a stance that aligned with the ruling of the high council and K’vagh found few if any friends amongst their ranks. K’vagh was accepted to join the crew of the IKS M’Chuc Initially without Rank.

By 2385 K’vagh had risen to the rank of ‘bu’; equivalent to sergeant by human rank progression. This of course was a position obtained through succeeding his superiors, either through challenge or when a superior officer fell in battle and he was selected as a replacement.

Primary acting as a Security/Tactical officer, K’vagh was also given the responsibility to mentor new recruits in combat when the situation permitted.

In 2387 following the destruction of Romulus: The IKS M’Chuc performed border patrol along the former Klingon/Romulan borders. K’vagh was instrumental in helping his crew mates stalk and destroy a Tal-Shiar scout ship that crashed on a nearby M-class moon.

K’vagh and a young warrior named Gow’rok were dispatched to the moon surface to search the wreckage for useful intel. It was during this away mission that they discovered that the crew of the ill-fated vessel survived and were encamped near the crash site.

K’vagh and Gow’rok stalked the Tal-shiar survivors for over a week until further Klingon warbirds arrived in the system to lead an assault on the Romulan mothership that was standing by – cloaked in the moon’s atmosphere.

K’vagh fought valiantly in the ground assault, single-handedly cutting down the majority of the Tal-Shiar ground forces. Gow’rok was killed in the ground battle; something K’vagh has carried on his shoulders ever since.

Upon his return to the IKS M’Chuc K’vagh earned a promotion to the rank of Bu’naq for his performance as ground commander which lead to a gloriously successful battle.

Between 2387 and 2390 K’vagh continued to serve on the M’Chuc as Senior Tactical officer until his departure from the Klingon empire.

Civilian life-(2390-2392)

After leaving the empire behind K’vagh made his way to Federation space aboard Civilian transports and survived by moving from sector to sector aboard any ship that would hire him to fill vacant positions.

During these two years, K’vagh was struggling to re-invent himself after his departure from warrior life and struggled to integrate socially.

In 2391 K’vagh gained the favor of a Starfleet flag officer during an encounter on Deep space Station K-7. Not much is known officially about this encounter, but what is known is that K’vagh got into a bar fight with several other Klingons in the defense of another customer.

During this fight, K’vagh was injured after using himself as a shield to protect the responding security team from being shot by a concealed disruptor.

After seeing how K’vagh selflessly lept into the line of fire to protect the Starfleet officers, K’vagh received a letter of recommendation from a Starfleet Flag officer who witnessed the fight and also encouraged him to take the entrance exam and join.

K’vagh thought the proposition over for a short time, but eventually decided to follow the advice he was given and by the end of 2391 K’vagh was enrolled at Starfleet Academy, to begin his studies in January 2392.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2380 - 2385 Klingon Warrior - I.K.S. M'Chuc House of Wov'Sech
2385 - 2387 Klingon Warrior - I.K.S. M'Chuc House of Wov'Sech
2387 - 2390 Klingon Warrior - Senior Tactical Officer I.K.S. M'Chuc House of Wov'Sech
2392 - 2397 Starfleet Academy Starfleet Academy: San Francisco
2398 - 2399 Starfleet Academy (Post Graduate) Advanced Tactical Program
2399 - 2401 Security Officer Starfleet Headquarters
2401 - Present Security Officer Starbase Bravo