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Profile Overview

Justin Brax

"Human" Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Brax


Intelligence Officer
Starbase Bravo


Justin Allen Brax

1 JUNE 2378

Hellas Planitia, Mars


Fresh from Starfleet Academy, Justin has been assigned to the Intelligence Department aboard Starbase Bravo- a variable “city in space” that serves as the nerve center of the 4th Fleet. Located on the edge of Federation space, the Starbase is a prime assignment for the young intelligence officer with both Romulan and Klingon space just a stone throw’s away.


If Justin’s appearance could be described in a single word, the word would be “ordinary”. Justin is 185 cm tall with an athletic build. His fair skin is just tanned enough to obscure his exact ethnic background, while his brown hair and beard are kept neatly well groomed. His hazel eyes are observant and intelligent, but not overly expressive. Overall, Justin looks like a guy people will meet in passing and forget about twenty minutes later – a valuable trait for an intelligence operative.


Justin was described by his Academy classmates as quiet, reserved, and analytical, it was no surprise Justin regularly tested in the top 5% in most of his academic classes. What was surprising, to peers and instructors alike, was Justin also regularly tested in the top 5% in practical classes such as marksmanship and unarmed combat. While Justin displayed the same calm and measured approach to combat as he did to astrophysics, he was also decisive and aggressive in tactical situations. Classmates often teased Justin of being “more Vulcan than human” after he quietly and easily earned top marks in all his classes.

Despite being an exceptional cadet and well-liked on campus, many noted Justin typically preferred to learn about others and was somewhat reluctant to talk about himself. While he regularly attended extracurricular activities, often in the company of an attractive female classmate, Justin never developed a reputation as a “Ladies’ Man”. If asked to classify Justin’s social personality type, “wallflower” seemed most appropriate. As such, Justin was regularly welcomed at social events, but preferred to observe from the perimeter rather than be directly involved.

One event which exemplified the dichotomy in Justin’s personality was seen at the Starfleet Academy Commencement Formal of 2400, just prior to Justin’s graduation. As the social event of the Academy’s graduating class, it is the culmination and validation of the graduating cadets’ social standing put on display before all of their classmates, guests, and Academy staff.

Due to the social importance of the event, it was surprise to all in attendance when Justin arrived at the Commencement Formal in the company of Cadet Marianna Velisa, a female Kriosian cadet who was universally considered the most popular- and beautiful- cadet in her class. Rumors amongst the cadets suggested Marianna had been courted by no less than two dozen cadets for the pleasure of her company during the event, which she had politely, but consistently, declined. When Justin and Marianna arrived at the formal, the assembled cadets fell silent, while faculty and staff gave discreet nods approval. Despite his quiet, reserved, “Vulcan-like” demeanor, Justin had nevertheless ascended to the peak of the Academy’s social pyramid.


Born on June 1, 2378 to Robert and Maria Brax in Hellas Planitia, Mars, Justin was the couple’s only child. At the time of Justin’s birth, Robert was serving as a Commander at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards as part of the yard’s Advanced Starship Design team. Maria also served in Starfleet, holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander and served as a doctor in the shipyards’ medical facility.

By the age of three, however, Justin moved with his parents to a Starfleet outpost far from the Sol system- the Darwin Genetic Research Station on Gagarin IV. Ostensibly, the move was due to the reassignment of Justin’s parents. Robert was assigned as the station’s chief engineer, while Maria was assigned to the station’s epidemiology department.

However, the real reason the family’s relocated to Darwin Station was far more secretive. In the aftermath of the Dominion War, during which Starfleet suffer devastating losses to the Jem’Hadar, some within Starfleet Command began to question the Federation’s ban on genetic engineering. Certain high-ranking members of Starfleet Tactical, Security, and Intelligence lobbied for an exemption from the Federation Council which would allow development of genetically engineered individuals who could face superior enemy combatants- such as the Jem’Hadar- on even terms. They argued Starfleet officers with superior tactical abilities could save countless lives in future conflicts, which outweighed any moral, legal, and ethical concerns which were based on Earth’s Eugenics Wars more than two centuries prior.

The topic was hotly debated during multiple closed-door sessions of the Federation Council. Opponents argued Starfleet was not a military organization, and was dedicated to peaceful exploration and expansion based on the ideals of tolerance, inclusion, and non-interference. Therefore, creating genetically engineered officers meant to excel in tactical situations was antithetical to Starfleet’s purpose. Conversely, proponents argued not all species held themselves to such altruistic ideals and embraced expansion-through-conquest, as exemplified by the Dominion. And while Starfleet was not a military organization, it had repeatedly been called upon to act as one in defense of the Federation since it’s formation.

In the end, a compromised was reached. The Federation Council upheld the ban on genetic engineering, but acknowledged Starfleet had a legitimate basis for further study of genetically engineered officers. As such, Starfleet was allowed to conduct research into the abilities and limitation of genetically engineered individuals using modern and emerging technologies. With this mandate, Starfleet created “Project Darkstar”, which was subsequently removed from all publicly-accessible databases and access limited to only the highest ranking members of Starfleet Tactical, Security, and Intelligence.

Darwin Station, a small facility on the fringe of Federation space, had long been the “exception to the rule” for genetic research within the Federation, with the caveat its experiments be limited in scope and only for scientific research. As such, it was the only facility in Federation space with experienced personnel and necessary equipment needed for Project Darkstar. Its scientists scoured Federation records for possible candidates who showed the genetic disposition for inclusion into the program. In the end, 47 candidates of various species and ages were identified and subsequently moved to Darwin Station under various cover stories to ensure the secrecy of the project. Among these candidates was three-year-old Justin Brax.

After moving to the station, Justin was gradually introduced to the project through his educational instruction and social interactions. Living at the relatively small station, there were few other children present, so Justin often spent time alone or with adults who were exclusively Starfleet scientists and officers. Unlike some of the older project candidates, who were exposed to genetic engineering treatments all-at-once, Justin was exposed to these treatments over several years, making only minute changes to this genetic makeup. Combined with the natural development of adolescence, Justin was among the more successful examples of genetic engineering.

Throughout the process, Justin and his parents were largely kept in the dark regarding the true nature of his treatments. However, by the time Justin reached his mid-teens, it was apparent to everyone he was not like other human teens. Justin regularly tested in the top 1-percentile in various academic subjects, developed a natural strong and athletic build, in addition to faster-than-normal reflexives. It was noted, however, his advanced abilities and childhood spent in relative isolated at the small station left him socially ostracized from other children his age, leading to a reserved and conservative personality.

At the age of 17, Justin applied for admittance to Starfleet Academy with the encouragement of both his parents and his instructors. While Justin’s acceptance was a foregone assumption given his test scores, it came as a surprise to everyone when Justin was accepted to the prestigious Academy within twelve hours of submitting his application. Three months later, Justin left Darwin Station- his home for nearly 15 years- for Starfleet Academy. His parents also relocated back to the Sol system. His father Robert accepted a promotion to Commodore and a posting at the San Francisco Fleet Shipyards, while his mother Maria, now a Captain, accepted an instructor’s position at Starfleet Medical.

Upon acceptance to the Academy, Justin was initially wanted to pursue a medical career like his mother. However, within a week of arriving on campus, Justin was called to a private meeting with the Academy Commandant and the Deputy Director of Starfleet Intelligence. At the meeting, Justin was told about Project Darkstar and the origin of his advanced abilities. Justin was also informed he was one of only thirteen candidates that successfully endured the entire genetic engineering program out of the original 47 candidates, and only one of seven candidates who were in Starfleet. While the Deputy Director stopped short of ordering Justin to give up his pursuit of a medical career, he told Justin his abilities had been tailored to serve as an intelligence agent and encouraged him to consider a career working for the Covert Operations wing of Starfleet Intelligence. Regardless of his decision, as a Starfleet Cadet, Justin was ordered to maintain the secrecy of Project Darkstar and not to reveal its existence unless expressly ordered to do so.

After meeting with the Deputy Director, Justin changed his focus of study from Medicine to Intelligence. While his parents were initially surprised by Justin’s decision, they encouraged Justin to find his own path in Starfleet rather than feel obligated to follow in either of their footsteps. In accordance with his orders, Justin never told his parents the reason for his decision to change his focus.

As expected, Justin excelled in every class he enrolled in at the Academy- typically testing within the top 5% of every class. Justin’s social development, however, proved to be the bigger challenge. While friendly and well-liked by peers and instructors alike, Justin struggled to making lasting friendships. His reserved, introverted nature led him to be more of an observer rather than participant in most social interactions. Like most young cadets, Justin engaged in courtship with several female cadets at the Academy over his four-year course of study, however they never lasted longer than a few months.

However, despite his social awkwardness, Justin ironically caught the eye of Cadet Marianna Velisa, a female Kriosian cadet in Justin’s year who was widely regarded as one of the most popular and attractive cadets at the Academy. Although Marianna was enrolled in the Counseling career track, the two would often be found studying together, although rarely seen together in social settings. That was, until, Marianna asked Justin to their senior Commencement Ball- the social event of the Academy year. Justin agreed and attended the Ball with Marianna, much to the surprise of their assembled peers and instructors. When Justin privately asked Marianna why she had chosen him over nearly two dozen others who had asked her to the Ball, Marianna told Justin she valued his friendship most of all. While others had tried to gain her favor due to her beauty or social status at the academy, Justin had been supportive and helpful to her for years without ever asking for anything in return.

After graduating third in his class at the Academy, Justin spent the next several months at a classified Starfleet Intelligence facility where he was taught the more pragmatic aspects of field intelligence collection, espionage, and combat. As at the Academy, Justin excelled in his training program and graduated after successfully completing the one year course in only eight months. While attending the course, Justin only kept in contact with his parents and Marianna- who coincidentally had become one of his mother’s students at Starfleet Medical. While his messages were sparse on information, as verified by his instructors prior to transmission, Justin assured his parents and Marianna that he was happy with his training and the potential to make a difference in the galaxy.

After completing his training with Starfleet Intelligence, Justin was assigned to Starbase Bravo, headquarters of the 4th Fleet. While his official assignment was initially to serve as an entry level analyst and field agent, Justin had received classified orders prior to reporting to his new duty station.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2397 Cadet 4th Class Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
2397 - 2398 Cadet 3rd Class Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
2398 - 2399 Cadet 2nd Class Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
2399 - 2400 Cadet 1st Class Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
2400 - 2401 Intelligence Specialist Trainee Starfleet Intelligence, CLASSIFIED
2401 - Present Intelligence Specialist Intelligence Division, Starbase Bravo