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Profile Overview

Christopher Conroy

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Conroy


USS Denver


Christopher Conroy

July 18, 2350

Atlanta, Georgia / Earth


Lt. Conroy is 5’9” 185lbs with an average build, brown complexion, with light brown eyes. Black hair, although he is almost always clean-shaven (head & beard). There is a birthmark on his neck just above his collarbone on his right side that is almost crescent moon shaped. He has two distinct tattoos. His late brother’s name is tattooed on his forearm, and on his left abdominal side from the waist to mid-rib cage, he has Trill spots.


Conroy has been described as warm and welcoming by many. A love of laughter, and all things beautiful. Talking too much, and to everyone he meets is considered to be his best a worse attribute. Meeting new people, and trying to help anyone he can is something he has done since he was a child. Making new friends, or even acquaintances is often a goal for Lt. Conroy. There is a desire to learn at every opportunity has found. Staying still is his biggest fear overall, as a child, he moved around a lot. Although he has been known to overindulge when it comes to drinking and has quite of a wild streak at times.

He is constantly plagued with questions of who he is, and what he wants to do. This most likely stems from not knowing his father, and not having a stable home as a child. He usually never unpacks everything in anticipation of having to move again.


Early Life (2350 – 2368)

Christopher Conroy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 18th, 2350 to Bethany Conroy. She taught elementary school-aged children. Most of them had some sort of disability that made it harder for them to learn. From his mother, he picked up his patience and his caring attitude. He did not know his father, but his mother’s brother was around. His uncle Charles was a former Star Fleet pilot who was kicked out for drinking too much. This is where he got his drinking, women chasing, and golden tongue so to say. He also had a younger brother Benjamin. His brother was rambunctious, outgoing, and somewhat annoying. Ben died from rare and uncurable liver disease at age 5. Chris was only 7, and from this, he learned to never take anyone or anything for granted.

After losing Ben his mother could no longer stay in the family house. She decided to take the act on the road. She traveled to all sorts of places using her talent to teach, and tutor the most in need. They never stayed in one place for more than a few months at a time. Every new place brought a different set of people and challenges. This is where he formed his love of travel and meeting new people. Around 16 they moved back to the family house with his uncle. His mom began to teach at the University, and he spent the next few years enjoying fishing, and baseball with his uncle.

Star Fleet Academy (2368 – 2372)

Star Fleet was the obvious choice for Chris. After he graduated, and against his mom’s wishes it was off to San Francisco. When he first arrived, he decided on operations but later decided to choose security as his area of study. There he met his best friend Ordril, and a science cadet he fell in love with named Saudrin. The two made up his world, and he finally felt some stability in his life without the desire to want to leave. A night in the brig here, and there or hung over for a morning class were not uncommon occurrences.

While in their 3rd year at the Academy Saudrin left the academy. She did not explain and said no goodbyes. The two spoke once before his graduation she explained it was due to a family emergency, and he wouldn’t have understood. The event affected him greatly, and it showed in his grades, and even in his overall mood. If it were not for Ordril, Conroy might not have graduated.

USS Ranger (2372 – 2373)

The newly promoted Ensign Conroy was assigned to the Akira class USS Ranger. There he served as roving security and most days as the brig officer. Several of his friends from the Academy were assigned to the Ranger with him. His best friend Ens. Odril Uhizix, was among them. Both were assigned to the alpha shift, so they still had time for holodeck training, drinking, and generally acting like cadets still. Some of Chris’ favorite pass times were losing money at poker on his time off and playing WWII-era fighter pilots in the holodeck.

The Ranger’s primary task was to ensure the safety of diplomatic missions, and Federation trade routes. The Ranger routinely patrolled the Bajor system while the diplomats tried to coax Bajor to join the Federation. Hostilities between the Federation, and Cardassians grew due to rumors the Federation took a blind eye to the Marquis problem. The working environment on board the Ranger we’re strict, to say the least, and his direct superior was as detailed orientated as one could be. He learned the art of reading between the lines and going above and beyond at the same time.

He spent about two years as the alpha shift brig officer before being given more responsibility. He began to shadow higher-ranking security officers and perform routine systems checks without supervision. He was proving to be quite the security officer. Several weeks before the start of the war with tensions rising Conroy was escorting diplomats and special envoys around. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was made an official member of the away team onboard the Ranger.

In hopes of getting the newly vacant deputy chief of security position onboard, the Ranger Conroy attended a training mission onboard DS9 with some of his counterparts from other starships. While onboard DS9 he spent most of his off time with a girl named Dosho, whom he had met at the bar. She was one of the Bajorian civilians onboard DS9. He may have liked her a little more than she liked him. It was ok, at least he got to spend his time with a beautiful girl and be distracted from the war that was brewing.

Only days before he was to return to the post, he was informed that the Ranger had gone missing. A week later wreckage in the Cardassian neutral zone was salvaged and identified as the Ranger. Initially, the Cardassians blamed the Marqis. Since the Maquis were not known to attack the Federation, nor had the resources to take an Akira class vessel head the claims seemed unlikely. Several escape pods carrying survivors were found over the following days.

USS Iowa (2373 – 2374)

After the destruction of the Ranger, and the loss of many he called family Chris had come to see life with a darker tint. For weeks following the tragedy, he felt the need to seek revenge. His ability to talk his way through most problems he found made him an ideal candidate for the Iowa mission. Iowa was tasked with predicting the Cardassian movement with the growing distrust between the Federation and the Cardassians since the beginning of the war. The enemy of mine enemy was a general idea, and Lt. Conroy was good at making friends in the wrong places.

One friend was his ex-girlfriend from his Academy days, Saudrin Tovas. Now a former member of Star Fleet, and resident in a Federation penal colony she was an integral part of Iowa’s plans. Because of her involvement with illegal trading, she was familiar with a lot of enemies of both the Cardassians, and the Federation. She also possessed information on dozens of routes she used during her smuggling days and a lot of her mother’s old contacts.

The Iowa crew tracked down leads, collected intel, and made allies for weeks on end using back channels, and smuggling routes for the most part not being detected by the Cardassians. Going against the advice of his XO, and friend Cmdr. Molux went incognito with Tovas to recruit a new ally. Potentially a member of the Vorta wanted to defect and was traveling via former members of the Maquis. To him, the success outweighed the risk. Unfortunately, his friend was right, it was a trap sprung by Tovas, and her Cardassian contact Kaait Jair. Tovas was now free, and Lt. Conroy was ousted as an undercover and became a Cardassian prisoner of war.

Because of the nature of his assignment, the ship had been under red-team-blue-team protocol. Conroy knew enough to keep him alive through interrogation, but not enough to compromise the Iowa’sthe ship’s ongoing mission. He was interrogated for about 3 weeks until the camp he was being held fell to a Klingon attack. Conroy was liberated and given passage to SB 211 along the Federation / Cardassian border. There he was debriefed, and given de facto leave to heal from his ordeal until his next orders.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 - 2369 Cadet Star Fleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2369 - 2370 Cadet Star Fleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2370 - 2371 Cadet Star Fleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2371 - 2372 Cadet Star Fleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2372 - 2373 Security Officer USS Ranger
2373 - 2374 Security Officer USS Iowa
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2374 - Present Chief Security / Tactical Officer USS Denver