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Human Male

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Civilian Schmidt


USS Denver


Günter Schmidt

20 March



A young man is searching for his place in the universe.  He is tall, handsome, and very easygoing. He spends most of his time reading and playing classic chess. He is an open book and loves to listen to others talk about their day.  Behind his beautiful smile are pain and regret.  He has no hateful bone besides the one he has for himself.  He likes to wear red and never takes off the silver ring on his right finger.


Young tall, skinny, medium-built man with a beautiful smile and eyes that can piecer the soul.  He has medium-length blonde hair, which he keeps neat and combed.  He always has a silver ring on his right ring finger. The ring is a cheaply made band with lots of scratches.


A very caring and friendly man.  Never says a mean thing to anyone ever if they warrant it.  A great listener who cares for what people are not saying as much as what is being said.  An open book regarding his young life which he is not proud of.  Doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke but will encourage others to enjoy themselves.  He regrets his life in college and is chasing redemption.


Growing up on Earth, Günter enjoyed all the benefits that Earth had to offer.  He grew up with a loving mother and father who prepared him for a relaxed life after college.  A brilliant student, he excelled to among the top of his class.

College was his first time away from his parents, and he lived the everyday wild life young college adults enjoyed.  He found the love of his life, Gina, and they made the 6 years a fairy-tail together.  During the last semester of their Master’s Degree, tragically struck, Gina and several other students died.  Günter Finished his final semester and, filled with guilt, abandoned his parent’s plans for him and lived in a colony world, taking odd jobs to barely get by.

With the outbreak of the Dominion War he was picked up by a Federation Star-ship, and rather than wait to be relocated, he became the ship’s bartender.  He never wanted to remain in one location for long, so he jumped from ship to ship bartending.