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Profile Overview

John Patrick McManus

Human Male

Character Information


Starbase Bravo


John Patrick McManus

11 April 2381

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


John Patrick McManus
6’6″ (200cm) 240lb (108kg) Fair complexion, blue eyes, neat, short, dark brown hair. Clean shaven.

John Patrick McManus was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2381. His parents, both engineers, instilled in him a love for science and technology from a young age. John’s fascination with space led him to apply to Starfleet Academy when he turned 18.

Upon acceptance, John moved to San Francisco to begin his training. He excelled in his classes, particularly in astrophysics and engineering. He was also an active member of the academy’s fencing team and participated in Starfleet’s space exploration program.

In his final year at the academy on his Cadet Cruise, John was chosen to lead a team of cadets on a deep-space exploration mission. The mission was a success, and John was praised for his leadership and technical expertise. After four years of rigorous training, John graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2401.