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Profile Overview

Michael Collins

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Collins


USS Denver


Michael Collins

March 3rd, 2351

Starship USS Dyson


Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Collins, or Mike to his friends, is an officer in Starfleet, serving as a Hazard Team Leader since he has graduated from the Academy. In his short stint in Starfleet, Mike has seen plenty of action against the Jem Hadar and Cardassians.

He has no brothers or sisters, and his parents, former Starfleet officers, now reside in the family home in Colorado.

He has received numerous awards for gallantry and duty above and beyond the call of duty, for his actions against the Jem Hadar and Cardassians.







Collins is very athletic, stemming from his history of exercising and playing various sports as he was growing up, and while in the Academy. Collins is very well groomed and within regulations on and off duty. He has gone through phases when he’ll keep his long on the longer side, within regs, and will switch to having his hair close cropped. He’s usually clean shaven, but, at times, have a stubble for a beard.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 204 lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue


A qualified pilot, Mike enjoys the company of friends, and crewmates and has been known to host loud and enjoyable parties in his quarters, usually a max of 6 people at a time. As far as ‘relationships’ are concerned, he’s usually open to them, but based on a principal that they would not lead to anything serious, until at least when the war ends. He misses his parents, and wishes he had brothers and sisters in his life. At times, Mike can be very charming, especially where women are concerned.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Mike sometimes tends to focus on details of a mission, to the extent that he doesn’t hear what others have to say about the mission. He’s always been that way, but he’s trying to get better. As a young child, he was smaller then the other children, so he was bullied a lot. That’s what drove him to exercise more, increase his body mass, lower his body fat ratio, and dive into sports. Those who bullied him in the past, tried to apologize, but Mike wouldn’t hear it, so he let it be known that anyone who gets bullied in the schools he attended, that they have a protector. That physiology continues in his life, he tries to protect all those who work with him, he would take a phaser blast for them. He had a great mentor growing up, his father. His father never took any crap from people.


His one true ambition is to make sure everyone on any of his teams makes it back alive. If anyone dies on his watch, he’s the one that makes contact with the families and tells them what happened.


Federation Standard

Some Norwegian

Hobbies & Interests



Starfleet Rugby Team

Starfleet Track and Field Team


Can play the guitar.




Mother: Janice Collins, former assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Dyson, retired.

Father; Angus Collins, former Chief of Security, USS Dyson, retired.

Uncles: Per, Albert and Henry. Father’s brothers, living in Norway.

Early Life

Mike was born on the starship USS Dyson. He was two weeks late, something that he heard often from his mother growing up. As he grew, he started learning the names of the officers serving aboard the Dyson. He even met the captain and first officer, but that was a rare occurrence, the captain didn’t like children much, probably having something to do with him not having any. The first officer was more approachable, he always seemed to have time to visit the ship’s school. In the school, he struggled to get good grades, probably from the bulling he received. His parents complained to the teachers, but the other parents said it was Mike who was making the problems. That’s when he started working out, and soon after, one bully tried to pick a fight, Mike knocked him out with 1 punch and the other bullies soon disappeared. After that, he grades got better and better.

Sometimes the classes would be allowed to visit the bridge, main engineering and security. These were always enjoyable, especially to Mike, who decided that Starfleet is where he would make his career.

When he graduated from the ship’s school, he applied to Starfleet Academy. He had high grades in all subjects, he aced the Academy qualifying tests, and he was accepted. It was decided that he would live with his uncle in Kragero, Norway, while attending the Academy.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

When he arrived at the Academy, he met his first roommate, Logan Morgan, from Scotland. Both of them were making Security as their major, and Ship’s Operations, as their minors. The two of them became thick as thieves. The drank together, they chased the women together, and they got in trouble together. Then the decision was handed down that they would be separated from each other, and they both got different roommates. Funny thing was, they both got the highest grades in their common classes.

Upon graduation, Mike was the valedictorian and Logan was the salutatorian.

USS Viceroy

Mike chose the USS Viceroy, and Logan got the USS Gettysburg as their first assignments. They both were assigned to security.

Mike kept up with his training. He commanding officer wanted Mike to get to know everything there was to know about ship’s systems and capabilities. It was an easy assignment, nothing of real problems to deal with.

USS Hightower

His rotation was up, and Mike was transferred to the USS Hightower, where he was assigned to Ship’s Operations. The ship’s security chief wanted him in his department, but the first officer said that there was a need at Ops, so the security chief agreed.

Mike took an interest in the Ops station. It gave him more responsibilities, and the XO told him that promotions were faster in Ops and opposed to Security. There was one engagement with a Romulan ship that had drifted across the Neutral Zone. When the Hightower approached the Romulan vessel, another Romulan ship decloaked and took position in front of the first ship. Tensions were high, the HighTower’s captain wanted to know why 2 warbirds had crossed the Neutral Zone. The first Romulan captain kept insisting that their engines had failed and they drifted across the Zone. Captain Peters bought that, but he wanted to know why the 2nd ship had also crossed. That captain said that he was there to provide assistance to the first ship, nothing more, but that he would not allow any Federation interference to stop him. In the interest of galactic peace, the Hightower captain allowed the 2nd Romulan ship to tow the disabled ship away. When as fast as it began, it was all over. Ensign Collins had just had his first encounter with a Romulan ship and lived to tell about it.

His rotation was over. It was now time to select a place where he could truly begin his career.

Mike chose a new experimental unit called an ‘Tactical Recon Team’ comprised of security, engineers, medical and other personnel based on needs.

Mike’s first engagement was on Sigma 19, where his unit, amongst others, attacked a Jem Hadar strong hold. His unit alone suffered 55% casualties, but they inflected more damage than they received. After a long and bloody engagement, he was given extended R&R and was assigned to the USS Denver.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2382 USS Viceroy Security Officer
2382 - 2384 Operation's Officer USS Hightower
2384 - 2386 Outpost Echo Security/Tactical and Recon Team Leader
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2386 - Present Team Leader Tactical Recon Squad USS Denver
Lieutenant Junior Grade