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Profile Overview

Ethan Hale

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Hale


Engineering Officer
Starbase Bravo


Ethan Alexander Hale

Stardate 56054.7 (Age: 22)

Los Angeles, California, Earth


Ethan is an aspiring young Starfleet ensign who is eager to make a name for himself and progress through the ranks. Joining Starfleet has always been a life long goal and passion, and when he finally turned 18, he couldn’t apply for the academy quick enough. He is eager to please and is extremely likeable, making many friends along the way throughout his academy career and on his first ever posting as a commissioned officer on Starbase Bravo.


Physical Appearance
Height: 5′ 8″, 177cm
Weight: 158 lbs, 72 kgs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Physical Description

Ethan is lean though somewhat stocky, weighing in at 72 kgs. He stands in at an average height at only 177 cm, which is usually around the shorter side among his friends. But what he lacks in height he more than makes up for with his good looks and charm. He has somewhat long hair for a Starfleet officer, though thankfully still within the guidelines and not breaking the uniform code. He likes to keep his hair a specific way, usually wavy and a little messy looking.


Sometimes described as the life of the party or the center of attention, Ethan is extremely likeable and is always eager to please. He is the type of person that likes to get along with everyone, and makes friends with those individuals that other people usually stay away from. He has a very good head on his shoulders and always strives to do the right thing, while also sticking up for the people he calls friends.


Ethan was born in Los Angeles on Earth, and was the youngest of 5 siblings. He enjoyed a wonderful youth, his parents having local jobs so they were home every day to take care of him and his brothers and sisters. Even when he was very young, Ethan always dreamed of joining Starfleet and having adventures in space, and he worked extremely hard to make that dream a reality. As soon as he was old enough, he applied for the academy and took the entrance exam. It was grueling waiting for the test results, but once they arrived and he found out he was accepted, it was the happiest moment of his life, something that he truly has never forgotten.

Initially, the academy was challenging for Ethan. Not just academically, but also socially as he didn’t really know where he fit in at first. He took many various courses to see what peeked his interests, and eventually he discovered his love and natural talent for engineering. It was only then, after landing on a major, that he seemed to become a completely different person. Ethan quickly made several friends, not just in his class but in the other classes as well, and before long he was one of the more popular kids in his academy class. He was extremely likeable and had a somewhat magnetic personally, befriending everyone, including those difficult few that usually kept to himself. He was proud of the accomplishments that he achieved in the academy and graduated near the top of his class.

Upon graduation, he was assigned as an engineering officer on board Starbase Bravo, and there is where his career would begin. He was somewhat nervous, not knowing what to expect as most of his friends were assigned to starships and he was the only one that had been assigned to a station, but he was extremely excited none the less. Ethan couldn’t wait to prove to everyone what he was capable of and to see how far he could take his career.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2397 Academy Cadet - Freshman Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade
2397 - 2398 Academy Cadet - Sophmore Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2398 - 2399 Academy Cadet - Junior Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2399 - 2400 Academy Cadet - Senior Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Senior Grade
2400 - Present Engineering Officer Starbase Bravo