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Profile Overview


Orion Female

Character Information


Starbase Bravo


Kianaa Edrei

25 April 2377

Suraya Bay General Hospital, Risa


Kianaa is a nurse serving aboard Starbase Bravo. Daughter of an escaped Syndicate slave woman, Kianaa would first see the light of day on the pleasure planet of Risa, her mother’s adopted home planet. She would spend all her young life on the planet being brought up amongst locals before deciding that, aged eighteen, that life on more or less stagnant Risa would not do, and that there was a wider universe around her to be explored. Thus came her decision to enter Starfleet. Enthusiastic, fun-loving and sociable Kianaa tends to put a smile on people’s faces wherever she goes, which is especially helpful when it comes to making usually stressful and occasionally embarrassing sickbay visits more livable.


You’d certainly not consider Kianaa tall; she stands at an almighty 157 cm and weighs all of 48kg. Her ginger hair is kept short and well within regulations. One will usually find her melted-chocolate brown eyes alight with excitement or kindness. Slender yet curvy like a dancer, she tends to turn heads wherever she goes, though she’s long learned not to indulge any unsavory gazes cast her way.


You will rarely not see Kianaa smile her signature dazzling white smile, or some variant of it with her lips closed. She thinks it brings her patients and colleagues alike comfort, and she knows well that sometimes a smile can send light flooding into someone else’s otherwise dark day.  She listens well, too, and will readily sit down with anyone and listen to them talk or at times empty their woes with her fullest attention, and then offer what comforting words she can. As the adage on her home planet goes, all that is hers is yours, including her attention and ears. Sociable, vivacious and very, very slow to anger Kianaa is usually well liked by most around her, though of course she has critics like any other.


Orion pleasure woman Adraia Edrei earned her freedom when the wife of her master, a wealthy Klingon man, irritated that her husband had been spending more time with her than his own other half, bought her passage off Qo’nos on a trade freighter bound for Risa. She spoke no Standard and had no money or belongings except that which she kept with her in a small rucksack, and would’ve been completely overwhelmed if not for local resident Orion social worker cum doctor Pulod, who helped resettle her into a new home and take care of the necessary paperwork. One thing led to another, and soon the cries of young Kianaa were heard in the maternity ward of the local general hospital.

Kianaa would spend the majority of her time with her mother, who taught her the very best aspects of Orion culture: dances, songs to sing to soothe the listener, cuisine and culture in addition to basic life skills.  Her father was a busy man and was not able to be at home all the time. He couldn’t take Kianaa to work with him, of course, but she did always know that the work her daddy did was important and saved people’s lives. It was as such that she resolved to make that her living one day, in whatever form it took. It would take some research and a bit of asking around, but she would eventually decide to pursue a nursing career with Starfleet.

She was lucky enough to join Starfleet at a time of great peace, just after the close of the Dominion War. She would find her training at Starfleet Academy, and subsequently Starfleet Medical, to be quite enjoyable indeed, easily fitting into the crowd with her winning smiles, personality and willingness to help those around her, especially those she knew were struggling. She would graduate handsomely from her nursing classes.