Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo

Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo is the former Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9. His whereabouts are currently unknown.



Born to Grexx Adislo and Pell Adislo on Beta Aquilae II, he was surrounded by Starfleet for most of his younger life. His father, Grexx Adislo, was a former XO on the USS Yamaguchi, an Ambassador class starship. His mother Pell was a science officer on this ship. While making a supply run to the Starfleet Academy annex on Beta Aquilae II, Pell discovered that she was pregnant with Vadosia, and took leave from Starfleet, settling on Beta Aquilae II, a few kilometers from the annex. When Vadosia was four, in 2344, Pell felt that the time was right to return to Starfleet, and join her husband. He had remained the Executive officer of the Galaxy class vessel for the 4 or so years that Pell remained on leave on Beta Aquilae.

Growing up on a Starship Vadosia, as young as he was, showed a keen intellect and wanted to join Starfleet when he was old enough. It was on the Yamaguchi that Vadosia discovered his knack of using computer systems. By aged 9 he had starting writing his own algorithms, some of which were quite complex. His parents encouraged this and were really pushing their son to get into Starfleet.

Being on a Galaxy class starship, there were plenty of other children around, and a school. This ensured that he didn’t miss out on any education. He remained in the school on the Yamaguchi until after his 15th birthday, when his parents decided to retire from Starfleet. They decided to settle down on Beta Aquilae II, where they already owned a house, Pell having lived there just after Vadosia was born. He finished off his education at a school on the planet. He stayed in this school, advancing in Computer Science. This led to him wanting to work in Operations in Starfleet.



Just before his 18th birthday, he applied to Starfleet Academy. His application was accepted, and he was permitted to join the Academy annex on Beta Aquilae. He remained at the campus for 4 years, until he graduated. He excelled in the advanced computer sciences, specifically in the fields of multitronics, positronics cybernetics and AI.

When he graduated in September 2365, he was offered a position on the USS Yamaguchi, the ship where he had grown up. As an operations officer, there will plenty of people he remembered around, though most had moved on. The Captain, a Vulcan names Tarak, was on the Yamaguchi when Vadosia was. He had moved up from the Security department, to Commanding officer. In fact it was Tarak who had requested Ensign Adislo take a position on the Yamaguchi, his thinking was that it would be easier for Vadosia to grow professionally somewhere somewhat familiar to him.

After almost a year, Vadosia had shown a lot of improvement, and had learned a great more things, in regards to computer science, and more specifically AI. The Yamaguchi was being redeployed from exploration and scientific research to border patrol. Tarak spoke to Vadosia and asked about transferring him to the USS Valley Forge. The Valley Forge, an Excelsior Class starship was going to the outskirts of Federation space on a scientific mission, for around 3 years, with several pairs of Bynars. One of the goals of the mission was to develop a new cybernetic interface for use by the Bynar, and to see if they Bynar cybernetics could be adapted to other physiologies. This was one of the reasons that Captain Tarak had suggested Vadosia for the transfer, as he knew it was a subject Vadosia would enjoy.

With the transfer to the Valley Forge, Tarak added a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and wished Vadosia all the best. The Valley Force was around a year into it’s 3 year mission, on the edge of Federation space conducting it’s cybernetic experiments with the Bynars when they heard terrible news from Starfleet Command. The Battle of Wolf 359.

Of the 40 starships to engage the Borg Cube, 39 were outright destroyed, with over 11,000 dead and assimilated. One of those ships was the USS Yamaguchi. All hands were lost, including Captain Tarak. This hit Vadosia pretty hard as most of the crew he had grown up with were killed, indeed most of those people his parents had known. They took it pretty badly. Vadosia requested a leave of absence, and was granted the use of a Runabout to take him back to Beta Aquilae to be with his parents for a little while. The journey back took about 15 days, and he remained on leave with his parents until October of 2367, after which he returned to the Valley Forge.

After being back on Valley Forge for 3 months he received a pleasant surprise from the CO, Captain Kelana Faran, a Bajoran. He was offered the position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer and the promotion to Lieutenant, an offer he quickly accepted. During the next two years, the Valley Forge completed its scientific experiments. Vadosia even managed to build a small AI, not as complicated as EMH that was released in March of 2370, but enough to assist him with certain tasks. It was during this he grew closer to a Lieutenant in the tactical department, Maritza Gonzalez. In early May, 2370 she transferred to the USS Odyssey, as a Lieutenant Commander and with that came the promotion to Second officer.

In October 2370, tragedy once again hit Vadosia. The USS Odyssey, on a mission through the Bajoran Wormhole, was destroyed by a newly discovered race called the Jem’Hadar. The loss of someone so close to Vadosia again hit him hard and he spent his off duty hours either in one of the cybernetics labs, or in his quarters, becoming more and more withdrawn. This had, unknown at the time, become the beginning of the Dominion Cold War.

In April 2371, with various transfers around the fleet, Vadosia was offered the role of Chief Operations officer. This, of course, came with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. The Valley Forge was once again sent on a scientific mission to the far side of Federation Space. First sent to Starbase 129 to resupply then sent to Starbase 214 to restock them, the Valley Force was headed out to the Iota Cassiopeiae system, to begin studying the region.

It was while this ship was out of Federation Space, in the unknown, that the Federation/Klingon War happened. Once Dominion involvement was established, a ceasefire was signed. Starfleet’s top strategists theorised that this was a possibly the end of the Dominion Cold war. All long range exploratory and science missions were cancelled and the ships brought back closer to home. When the Dominion fleet arrived through the wormhole and headed for the Cardassia system, Starfleet Command issued orders to strengthen the borders, particularly along the Cardassian Border, but also the Klingon border, incase they decided to take advantage of the weaker flank of the Federation.


Open War did not begin immediately, but skirmishes along the Cardassian border were becoming more and more frequent. The Valley Forge was assigned to the area surrounding Starbase 187, a Presidium class station. It was in early February 2374 that open war broke out with Commander Sisko of Deep Space 9 attempting to mine the wormhole. A Dominion Fleet was sent to attack Deep Space 9 if the mines were activated, which they were. The Dominion Fleet then attacked and captured Deep Space 9.

Almost immediately after this that the fleet around Starbase 187, in the Galador Sector, was placed on high alert. Around 2 months after the capture of Deep Space 9, a smaller Dominion fleet, of around a two dozen vessels, attacked Starbase 187, and the 25 or so ships that were based there. The attacking force was defeated but the defending force lost 7 of their ships, including some damage to the Starbase itself. One of these vessels, the USS Agrippa, lost almost a 3rd of it’s senior staff after the battle was won. With heavy damage to the saucer section, several EPS relay blew out on the bridge, killing the Conn Officer, Chief Operations officer, chief Science officer, Executive officer and injuring the Captain.

The Agrippa, being a Galaxy class ship, and being the largest ship in the area, was set as a priority repair and recrew. The bridge module from a damaged Nebula class was put into Agrippa,and several officers from various ships in the armada were transferred to the Agrippa, including Vadosia, as Chief Operations Officer and second officer. The Agrippa was involved in a number of battles during the Dominion War including Operation Return and the first Battle of Chin’toka. Being a Galaxy class, it was often on the front lines, and involved in a number of skirmishes.

During a skirmish in August of 2375, the XO of the Agrippa was killed. Vadosia was appointed acting 2XO, not a permanent position as the XO was already transferring to another ship, with his replacement at the time being decided. This meant the existing 2XO was becoming the XO, and was currently looking for his replacement. This gave Vadosia his first taste of Command, and he suddenly decided that this was the path he was going to take. He was acting 2XO until November 2375 just after the Dominion War ended, where he stepped back to his previous role as Chief Operations. Having been bitten by the command bug, he made it known to his superiors that he wanted to take the command track.


In February of 2376 he asked the Captain if he could take the Bridge Officers Test. While already a bridge officer, he did not have the qualification to take command. He took the test, and passed on his second try. The 2XO was promoted to XO, and it was decided that Vadosia was to take the 2XO position, giving him his first command position. Showing great promise in this position, due to his intellect and intuition, after only 6 months he was offered the promotion to XO of the USS Musashi, which he accepted.

During October 2376 the Musashi was assigned to the Bajoran sector, out of Deep Space 9, ostensibly because Bajor was joining the Federation, but also to reinforce the armada stationed in the Bajoran sector. Though the Dominion had signed the Treaty of Bajor, Starfleet was still on a somewhat heightened state of alert, and had remained so since the treaty signing.

For the next couple of years he worked hard, honing his command skills, while also working on his AI in his spare time and keeping his computer skills up to date, with the constant advances in computer systems. With the efficiency of the Musashi up considerably, down to a lot of changes implemented by, now, Commander Adislo. Starfleet had a lack of experiences command crew throughout the fleet, so they asked if he could transfer to the USS Cairo, as Executive officer.

The USS Cairo was one of the first ships crewed with the crew being made up from Academy graduates from the first class after the war. Though not all crew on the Cairo were new, a majority of them were. Vadosia was brought in to help get them up to a higher standard. One of the other transfers into the Cairo was Commander Jacob Lambert, the Chief Engineer. The two became friends, after having realised that Lambert was in the Academy Class below Adislo for 3 years. Over the next two and a half years, they developed a deep friendship, and Lambert became one of the very few people in the galaxy he could trust implicitly. Having turned the crew into an efficient machine, he developed a reputation as a fixer, so was asked to move transfer to another ‘problem crew’.

He was transferred to the USS Phoenix as XO. His time on the Phoenix was met with defiance from the existing crew, who were resistant to the changes he was trying to implement. Vadosia’s response to this was not to go harder on them, but to just mix them up, and move them around their departments. This was done in spirit of ‘walking in their shoes’. This somewhat loosened their attitudes and turned the moral and efficiency of the crew around to pre-war levels.

After a year and a half, he was once again moved, this time back to the USS Cairo, but a promotion to Captain, and given the command. It was after afew months as Captain of the Cairo, he was introduced to a transfer, Lieutenant Jaca Traylor. Vadosia spotted potential in him, and started to keep an eye on him. His time spent back on the Cairo was good for him. It allowed him the time to keep his computer skills up to date, and also taught him more about command. Although there were some questionable transfers both to and from the Cairo as he was transferred off.

Around a year later, the USS Musashi was in need of a CO, as the existing CO was retiring. Starfleet offered it to Vadosia. He asked Lieutenant Traylor to follow him to the Musashi, who said yes. The Musashi was being sent to the Gamma Quadrant, based out of New Bajor and under Task Force 9. Never having been in the Gamma Quadrant up till now, he relished the opportunity.

It was during the time on the Musashi that he began to notice certain personnel changes, nothing too drastic but some odd choices nonetheless. But they didn’t affect the Musashi, so Vadosia put it to the back of his mind. Still, he kept note.

It was during 2385 that Adislo worked with Lieutenant Traylor, now Chief Security Officer. Showing a great prowess for the position Lieutenant Jaca Traylor excelled in his performance reviews, something that he took note of.

A little over 6 months later, Adislo was offered the position of the Executive Officer of Task Force 9. He had CO for about 4 years, and it was a little out of the blue being offered a flag position so soon in his Starfleet Career. The previous Task Force Executive Officer had been transferred back to the Alpha Quadrant, for reasons unknown. Again, Vadosia took note.

Upon arriving at New Bajor he was greeted by the Commanding officer of Task Force 9, Rear Admiral Alfred Blye. Blye introduced Adislo to Lieutenant Commander Tevak, who was to be his aide-de-camp. It was after this introduction that Blye, left an encrypted message on a PADD handed to Adislo. Once he decrypted the message it simply said ‘Watch your back. Trust no one. Trust Betazoids and Vulcans.” This was a strange message, and for one of the first times in his life, he was somewhat worried his intuition had not prepared him for this. His first thought was who to look out for. Straight away he thought of a Betazoid he trusted, Jaca Traylor. He had him transferred to New Bajor as another aide-de-camp, only had him based in the orbital station, known colloquially as Gamma Command as opposed to the planetary installation known as ‘The Compound’. Together they comprised Deep Space 11.

Even with the strange message from Admiral Blye, it was a pleasant experience settling to planetary life, this time as an officer not a civilian. Not being tied down in a Starship and having both The Compound and Gamma Command to work on, depending on his mood, was a refreshing kind of freedom. Though ever aware of the potential threat he had been made aware of, his attention was constantly on the shadows.

He began to dig deeper into the transfers, and noticed a pattern. Races with certain telepathic abilities, Betazoids, Vulcans and even some Ullians, had all be transferred out of key areas. There had been transfers of other races too, but upon reading into it, there were almost no telepathic races left in certain areas, including Gamma Command. He had no idea why, and suspected he would eventually find out, however he wasn’t going to wait around for it to happen. He began to make plans, certain securities in place incase something were to happen. His efficiency with computer algorithms came in quite handy.

It was in January 2377 that Admiral Blye was transferred back to the Alpha Quadrant, a reason for which was never found out. The USS Musashi, and several other ships were transferred out of Task Force 9 at this time too. The Brazil, Freedom, Hammerhead, Ticonderoga, Triumph and Vanguard were all transferred to Task Force 9. Adislo was promoted to Rear Admiral, and given command of Task Force 9, which would have been enough work without all of the transfers.

Someone up the chain also tried to have Commanders Tevak and Traylor transferred away too, however Adislo managed to keep them in place, while at the same time giving command of the Compound to Captain Tarmin Mavroidis, an Ullian. He did try and put a Betazoid Captain in charge of Gamma Command, however he was overruled and Captain Juliana Terlexa was given command of the orbital station. Given the still unknown enemy on the horizon, his replacement as Executive Officer was given to the newly promoted Commodore Scarlott Cameron, who often used Starbase Unity as a base of operations.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Operations OfficerUSS Yamaguchi
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Operations OfficerUSS Valley Forge
Assistant Chief Operations OfficerUSS Valley Forge
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Operations OfficerUSS Valley Forge
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Operations OfficerUSS Agrippa
Executive OfficerUSS Musashi
Executive OfficerUSS Cairo
Executive OfficerUSS Pheonix
Commanding OfficerUSS Cairo
Commanding OfficerUSS Musashi
Task Force Executive OfficerTask Force 9
Rear Admiral
Task Force Commanding OfficerTask Force 9