Profile Overview

Dr Fee Maccafferty

Vissian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Fee, Dr. Mac


Starbase Bravo


Dr Fiona Jane Maccafferty

17 March 2376

Vissia City, Vissia


Fee is a civilian scientist, specializing in astrometrics and meteorology. She is cross trained in physics but doesn’t prefer it.


Fee is a small woman, standing only 4’10” and weighs 100 lbs. She is small due to poor nutrition as a child, as well as many illnesses.

She has bright red hair that she wears long, normally in a braid or two braids, sometimes in a ponytail. Rarely is it left to flow, except while she’s sleeping or is out on a date or something where she wants to look nice. Her dress can be described as “ugly.” She often wears t-shirts with cartoon animals on them or some slogan she likes, along with flannel shirts or zip-up jackets, “Grandpa” cardigans, and jeans with holes or khakis she’s had since she was a teenager. This is due to a variety of reasons-mostly practical, as she doesn’t want to get chemicals, ink, or things like that on her nice clothes, but also because she is of the belief that smart girls can’t be pretty. Her eyes are brown, and her skin is alabaster. She has crescent-shaped, segmented ridges circling the eye at the temple, a hallmark of her race. In all other ways, she is humanoid in appearance.

Other defining physical features include: round glasses, and some pockmarks on her torso and arms from a childhood illness akin to Scarlett Fever.


Fee’s main goal in life is to be invisible. She is very regimented in her day-to-day life, preferring routines and regularity to spontaneity. She suffers from OCD like behaviors, though she has never been officially diagnosed with anything. As she is/was a child prodigy, she also prefers to work under the pressures of deadlines OR the pressure of disappointing people counting on her.

She is afraid of many things-bugs, heights, large men, loud noises, germs. She is quiet unless she is very comfortable with you, then she will talk your ear off (this is to avoid any direct questions about herself, mostly), and is very blunt, to the point of being tactless.


Fee was born in Vissia, in a rural community. Her parents harvested the greens and grew the animals that made up the Vissian diet. She is the only child of Eonix and Llendrel Maccfferty. When Fee was 6, her mother left the family, and Fee has not seen or spoken to her since. From very young, Fee showed an advanced development and IQ, and a high scholastic aptitude. By the time she was in school, she was already taking classes for teens at kindergarten, and by the time she was 9, she was attending the State University of Vissia. Even though they were poor, Eonix did his best to provide his daughter with the materials he could find to help her succeed, taking on extra work fixing vehicles and taking care of other people’s livestock for Fee’s extracurricular activities. We find out later in her history that her mother was a former congenitor, and this may have been the reason she left the family.

In school, Fee majored in General Sciences, then later on, specialized in Astrometrics and Meteorology and minored in physics. After school, around age 15, she helped her government to build the Vissian National Astrometrics Lab, by working with a team of military, government, and civilian employees to chart the building, and staff it appropriately, tapping into the Federation’s own Astrometrics materials through the various encyclopedias and holographic learning programs she could get ahold of. She also cofounded the Federation’s AYLA-Advanced Youth’s Learning Association, a Federation-wide program for the brightest young minds to correspond and learn from each other, and also for networking purposes.

At age 18, Fee left Viassa to serve the Federation. As a civilian, she has more leeway in her work than the Fleet officers, who are tied by fleet regulations that she isn’t necessarily held to.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2397 Jr Science Officer DS9
2397 - 2400 Jr Science Officer Federation Astrometrics Lab, San Francisco