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Profile Overview

Art made by Heidi

Ryoko Takato

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Takato


Commander, Task Force 86
Bravo Fleet Command


Takato Ryoko




Ryoko is the firstborn of the Takato family, and a lot of pressure of being the role model is placed on her shoulders. Perfect grades, perfect service, and only to bring honor to her family. This makes her a difficult person to reach personally. She is strict towards duty first and last. With both her sisters, Hayashi and Isamu, below her, she tried her best to guide them. As a Starfleet Officer, she is loyal and duty orientated. She is seen as a charismatic leader that can make the hard call if needed.


Ryoko has black short hair, though in her younger years she is seen to have longer hair. She has brown eyes and is about 1.68 meters in height, she weighs about 56 kg. Ryoko has no visible scars or marks on her body. Medical Division has confirmed her to be in perfect health and wellness, she is fit for duty.


Anyone that knows Ryoko, knows that she is an extroverted person. Her traits are intuitive, thinking ahead, and judging the situation. She is known to be a decisive person who loves the momentum and accomplishments she achieves. She takes all the information to construct some creative solution to a problem and is known to hesitate rarely before acting upon them. Her strong side is known to be an efficient, energetic, self-confident, and strategic thinker. Though no one is perfect, Ryoko’s weakness is that she can be stubborn, dominant, impatient, cold, and ruthless in specific situations.


Born in 2351 under the care of Kei and Rinko Takato on the USS Bradley. She lives a strict life of doing good studies, getting good grades, and learning about the functions and duties of a Starfleet Officer. It was most of the time a struggle for the young Ryoko, but with the birth of Hayashi and Isamu, her parents became milder in their judgment.

It was only logical that she would enter the Starfleet Academy, it was not her prime wish, but she did not object to her father’s wish. Entering the Academy, she did what was expected of her, serving above duty as the perfect student should be. Not getting into any trouble, yet no friends. Her focus was primarily on her study, and the instructors talked with her family about this, but Kei did not want to hear anything about it.

When she finished her academy degree, Ryoko was officially an Ensign in the field of Operations. She was assigned to the USS Valkyrie as a Cryptology Specialist. The Federation, however, was in a state of war, and the USS Valkyrie was sent into combat to support the Federation front as much as possible. Ryoko’s duties became more important than she would have presumed. Together with the intelligence branch, she was a crucial factor in using a secret way of coordinating communication across borders that saved hundreds of lives. Later, she was promoted and reassigned to the Chief position for her duties in the field.

In the war’s final days in 2375, the Federation began its attack at the Battle of Cardassia. USS Valkyrie was among those ships. Ryoko was responsible as one of the communication factors to bring out the tactical information to all ships. Yet when arriving at the bridge, she noticed how much damage was done already as the bridge crew was doing its best to survive the enormous battle. Ryoko replaced the now-deceased Chief Operation Officer, and with little experience in doing these controls, she assumed her duties and helped the Operations crew as much as possible.

After the battle, the USS Valkyrie was beyond repairable. The crew was saved and awaited new assignments at Starbase 1. Ryoko was promoted to Lieutenant JG due to her actions of bravery at the battle and assigned to USS Ramses as its new assistant Chief Operation Officer. For some years, she served the starship and yet came with the same issue she had in the academy and the USS Valkyrie, no friends. Only then did a woman named Arielle Webb do her best to gain her attention, and Ryoko recognized her as her first real friend.

In the years she had served on the USS Ramses, she was reassigned on the recommendation of her Captain to the USS Liberator. Her duties resumed under the flag of being their Chief Operation Officer. The duties of the Liberator were pure on the borders of the Romulan Star Empire and kept them in check. They were sent over the borders sometime to do diplomatic missions with the RSE. In most of the meetings, Ryoko was with them to record their conversations, as deception was second nature for these Romulans.

Starbase 37 required an urgent Chief Operation Officer, and the USS Liberator heated that requirement against its Captain’s will. Ryoko was reassigned to a dusty old base to help the Chief Engineer Officer to patch up the systems and get everything rolling again. The Commanding Officer was glad to get some support. Ryoko somehow missed the ability to fly in space, but her sadness was gone when she noticed that Arielle Webb was also assigned to this base.

In 2388, she was promoted and assigned to the Executive Officer position onboard the vessel USS Healy. Her journey continued toward Deep Space 7, only to receive an order from her family not to intervene with the arrest of her sister Isamu, her youngest sister. Against her own will, she did not object to her father’s demands. Yet kept close contact with her sister Hayashi and Reaya security to keep herself in the loop. Everything turned out well as Isamu was falsely accused by Reaya security and was released. Because of her service record, Ryoko was, with the support of her Captain, recommended for command of the USS Wakaba, an Akira-Class ship.

Wakaba was primarily involved in the Klingon borders and saw more action than it wished for. They were eventually involved with Operation: Gatecrasher as a direct assault ship to weaken the force of the SoK. Ryoko was promoted during these times to the rank of Captain, and her last notable action was seen at the Century Storm, where she provided aid in rescuing people from the incoming storm.

Her career went into a certain rollercoaster overdrive after 2400. She was promoted to Task Force Executive Officer for Task Force 86. Operated as liaison for her task force in the Blood Dilithium Operations, only to be pulled back to Starbase 86 to become the next Task Force Commanding Officer. In 2401, she stepped down from her position to give more aid in the battle against the Lost Fleet. After the Frontier Day crisis got resolved, a lot of uncertainty was present within Starfleet and many shuffles were seen. Ryoko was again offered the position of Task Force Executive Officer, this time Task Force 47. She accepted it without a second to consider it. Only a few weeks in and the damage within Starfleet staff structure was more severe then presumed. She was reassigned back to Task Force 86 as their Commanding Officer with the explicit order to focus on border security.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2369 - 2368 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2370 - 2371 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2371 - 2370 Cadet Social Sciences Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2372 Cadet Social Sciences Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2372 - 2375 Cryptologie Specialist USS Valkerie
2375 - 2379 Chief Operations Officer USS Liberator
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379 - 2385 Chief Operations Officer Starbase 37
2385 - 2388 Chief Operations Officer Starbase 37
Lieutenant Commander
2388 - 2390 Executive Officer USS Healy
2390 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Wakaba
2400 - Present Commanding Officer USS Wakaba
2400 - 2401 Task Force Executive Officer - TF86 Starbase 86
2401 Task Force Commanding Officer - TF86 Starbase 86
2401 Task Force Executive Officer - TF47 Deep Space 47
2401 - Present Taks Force Commanding Officer - TF86 Starbase 86