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Hayley Jenkins

Human Female

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Cadet Jenkins


Starbase Bravo


Hayley Jenkins


Bancroft, Iowa


Hayley Jenkins is from a family that believes in staying on Earth and tending to the daily needs of the family over anything beyond the town of Bancroft. A pacifist at heart, Hayley considered it a mere miracle that she was even able to make it beyond town boarders, much less Starfleet Academy. She trekked out on her own to Starbase Bravo to complete her education abroad while performing work-related studies on a Starfleet Base. This decision kept her from a normal academy experience, but she chose to do so because it helped prevent her family from guilt-tripping her back to Bancroft. She may have a long-range communications terminal that beeps off the hook with scared parents on the line to make sure she’s safe at every second of her life, but cadet or not, as far as she’s concerned, she made it! Now it’s up to her to carve a way through a new world of wonder instead of a field full of corn and soybeans.


At 4’11” tall and only 95 lbs, she’s not much to look at in the beauty department. Hayley has straight blond hair that rests at shoulder-level that she usually keeps tied back in a ponytail with bangs, peppered freckles across her face, and a bony, stick-like figure. It was no wonder she had all the time she needed to focus on her studies because nobody was coming after her save for her own parents.


Hayley Jenkins is a shy young woman trying to break out of her shell and leave her past behind as a would-be corn farmer with a college education. Despite being timid and anxious of authority, she voices her intentions when needed but only gives just so much to let those around her what she’s dreaming of. She may be shy, but she seeks adventure, exploration, and wonder. She’ll be a talker to those closest to her but she’s far from the stereotypical hero personality poster-girl of Starfleet.


Born on September 10th, 2382, Bancroft Iowa to Eugene Leon Jenkins, and Bonnie Catherine Jenkins.

2391 – Secretly, without her parents’ knowledge, Hayley attended online book-clubs and specialized in learning to read books well beyond her skillset for a nine-year-old girl.

2394 – Tested out of Elementary school with above-average grades and attended in-home schooling accepted by the Schoolboard of the Kossuth District.

2396 – Attended High School for her Senior Year at the age of Fourteen as well as joined the Ableton High School Swim Team.

2396 – Won State Championship for the 100 Meter Freestyle with a school record of 47 Seconds-Flat.

2397 – Enrolled in Ambrose College over the subspace/world-relay network shortly before her 15th Birthday.

2397 – Graduated from Ableton High School, Kossuth District School System.

2398 – Denied by parents’ Eugene and Catherine Jenkins to join Starfleet Academy Early Entrance for undisclosed reasons.

2399 – Processed Out of Ambrose College with a degree in Aerodynamics and a minor in Celestial Navigation/Engineering

2400 – Accepted to Starfleet Academy at the age of 17.

2400 – On her 18th Birthday, enrolled in abroad studies with Starbase Bravo as her first Academy Assignment with studies focus on Small Craft’ piloting/EVA-Damage Control

Current Course Curriculum: Stellar Cartography, Pilot Training, Damage Control, and Field Medecine.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Student Pilot Work-Study