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Profile Overview


Hekaran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Marova


Former Chief Flight Control Officer

USS Odyssey



27th October 2375

Hekaras II


Marova is a Starfleet officer, the current chief flight control officer of the Federation starship USS Odyssey. She previously served in the deputy capacity before her superior and mentor, T’Rani, took a new position on board the USS Themis. A rising star on the Odyssey, she is fiercely independent and competitive and never shies away from a challenge.


Though petite in height, Marova is someone who is not only quick with her fingers behind the helm but someone quick on her feet too. Marova enjoys changing her hairstyle but is known to keep it relatively long down to her shoulders. When she knows she is either going on an away mission or undertaking a double shift, she is known to wrap her hair up in a standard-issue headscarf or held back. Having her hair up, she believes, helps her concentrate on what she is flying.

  • Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


Marova may come off as too confident in what she is doing, but this should not be taken as a sign of arrogance or ego. She takes her job seriously and will undertake whatever training she (and her superiors) feel is appropriate to keep her wits about her when flying. There are times when she can sometimes overdo it and has to be reminded to take a break and enjoy herself.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Though she enjoys flying, and it is one of her passions, her Hekaran heritage is strong within her. As such, she is an eager and novice scientist, like many within her society. She grew up learning about subspace anomalies, the dangers of warp drive and why their civilisation and every other one must protect the fabric of space itself. Though warp drive has been modified to be safe to travel among the stars, Marova is conscious that it was her people who made the rest of the galaxy aware of the dangers of excessive warp travel.

Marova can have a fierce temper, but on rare occasions, she has been known to find it difficult to keep it in check. This is more apparent when she finds it hard to accept a notion or belief that is completely alien to her’s and those around her. Over the years, she has learnt Vulcan meditation techniques to assist her in controlling this.

She has put herself in danger instead of others and can be a risk-taker under stressful situations.

Marova is quite a sociable person, in fact since joining the Odyssey she is normally found in the Auditorium (if she isn’t on the holodeck undertaking training) enjoying a drink or a meal with friends and colleagues. She has had a few romantic relationships with others but has never shown any interest in settling down with anyone.


Marova has always enjoyed her job and she joined Starfleet for the simple task of being able to explore deep space. As long as she gets to do this, she isn’t bothered about what rank or position she holds. Becoming Odyssey‘s new chief flight control officer was an extremely proud moment for her.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


  • Mother: Clarove
  • Father: Robel


Early Life

Marova was born on Hekeras in late 2375 to Doctors Clarove and Robel (both medical doctors). As a lonely child, Marova was extremely lucky that her parents spent a lot of time with her as she grew up. After she gave birth to Marova, her mother returned to work while her father remained at home to raise the infant. Marova is named after her father’s grandmother, whom she was close to as a child. Her grandmother, a retired astrophysicist,  would spend many late afternoons and evenings telling Marova a range of stories about deep space. Filling the young girl’s mind and imagination with what lay beyond her home. As a teenager, her parents were offered the opportunity to join a small civilian-based company that would travel among Federation worlds to provide medical aid where needed. Visiting new worlds was quite exciting for Marova. However, when the Romulan homeworld was destroyed, her parents sent Marova home to live with her grandmother as they didn’t want to experience the huge refugee crisis along the border. They were keen to help those who needed it. Not happy with their decision, but eventually she understood it (thanks to her grandmother), and Marova settled down to complete her studies. By the time she finished school, Marova was eager to join Starfleet.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Preparing for the entrance exam was a stressful moment for Marova, but thanks to her grandmother (who tutored her), she was successful in gaining a spot. She left Hekaras in 2391 and travelled to Earth for her first year at the academy. Marova was keen to focus on astrophysics, a subject she had known all of her life but was also eager to try other areas too. In her second year, she was given the opportunity to complete her specialisation area at the Mellstoxx III campus, which she accepted. While at the campus, her time training in a range of advanced starship operations led her to fall in love with flying. Her professors and instructors assessed her as a natural and gifted pilot. By 2395, she completed her degree and graduated in the top ten of her class.

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)

Marova was fortunate to get a posting to the Odyssey after graduating from her class. Initially, she was assigned as delta shift flight control officer. She held this post for three years before she was promoted to lieutenant junior grade in 2398 and assigned to gamma shift flight control officer and made responsible for overseeing training other officers in maintaining the ship’s complement of auxiliary support craft. Almost a year later, during the Archanis Campaign, Odyssey was boarded by the Hunters of D’Ghor. During their invasion, they killed a number of crew, including the ship’s assistant chief flight control officer. Lieutenant Commander T’Rani, who became a mentor of Marova’s, insisted on making her the ship’s newest deputy flight control officer. Captain McCallister and Commander Cambil agreed with the idea and Marova was given the new appointment. Over the next two years, she enjoyed the chance of shadowing T’Rani.

It came as a shock when T’Rani announced her intention on leaving the Odyssey to join the USS Themis at the end of 2400, which made Marova guess that T’Rani would be replaced by someone else off the ship. She was surprised further when Captain McCallister asked her to step up and take over from T’Rani. Extremely grateful for the chance he was offering her, Marova accepted on the spot and with it came a promotion to full lieutenant. As part of her promotion, McCallister insisted she undertook the advanced tactical training course, which she agreed without hesitation.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2392 Cadet First Year Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2392 - 2393 Cadet Second Year Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III Campus
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2393 - 2394 Cadet Third Year Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III Campus
Cadet Junior Grade
2394 - 2395 Cadet Fourth Year Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III Campus
Cadet Senior Grade
2395 - 2398 Delta Shift Flight Control Officer USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
2398 - 2399 Assistant Flight Control Officer & Training Officer USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2400 Senior Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)