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Dr. Rena Campbell

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Dr. Campbell, Rena.


Dr. Rowena Amy Campbell

25 June 2374

London, UK, Earth





Dr. Campbell is a psychologist. She is young, but smart, and capable. She is very smart, and quick to learn new techniques and skills.


Rena is a woman, with black skin and black eyes. She wears her hair naturally, and in a braid, almost always. She wears glasses for reading. She is slightly overweight, but that’s because she likes pasta! On duty, she is in her proper Blue uniform, but off the clock, she is usually dressed neatly, in jeans, a button down shirt, and loafers. She doesn’t wear too much makeup, and sometimes wears large earrings but not always. She doesn’t wear necklaces but does wear a bracelet or wristwatch occasionally.
She stands 5’6″ tall, and has a small scar on her back from a childhood bicycle accident.


Rena is quiet, and studious. She isn’t flashy, and HATES being “noticed” in public places, but she’s not exactly a wallflower-just interested in lying low and doing her work with her head down.
As a counselor, she prefers traditional talk therapy, and keeps her office warm and inviting for this reason. She’s been called “caring” and “understanding” by former patients, and, in leadership roles, she was called “inspiring”, “jovial”,  and “smart.” She takes pains to get to know her colleagues, remembering small things about them to forge trust, which she needs to do her job. She has a low tolerance for nonsense, as well.


Rena’s parents were both in the Starfleet. Her father, Ron, was an enlisted member- a combat engineer and her mother, Judy, was a nurse. She grew up on various ships and bases, starting with her birth on the USS Poseidon. She lived there for four years, before her father was transferred to Starbase 2. She lived there for three years, before her mother was transferred to the USS Mercy. They were there for a few years before the Dominion War broke out, and her father left to fight. She and her mother remained on the Mercy for three years, before her mother left the Fleet and returned to Earth to give her a more normal life. Her father was killed in action in the open air space in Betazid Colony airspace.

She was only thirteen when they returned to Earth, and her mother moved her to California, where she attended school. Her mother got a job teaching as a civilian at the Starfleet Academy, and they both lived thusly for five years, until Rena graduated high school. She immediately went into the Starfleet Academy, because she believed her father would’ve wanted her to. There, she studied psychology. Her mother remarried, a retired Starfleet JAG officer by the name of Enzo Childers. He had no children, and she remains her mother’s only child, as well.

At the Academy, she was an excellent student, fast moving up the ranks, and participating in sports and clubs. She was well-liked, and dated a few men, but no one special. She graduated with honors, and was quickly absorbed by some of the best ships in the Fleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2393 Counseling Staff Officer USS Mercy Hospital Ship
2393 - 2397 Counseling Staff Officer Starbase 4
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2400 Asst. Chief of Counseling Starfleet Academy