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Trinity Morris

Human Female

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Civilian Morris


USS Denver


Trinity Marie Morris

January 19, 2361

Starbase Python, Pythus Sector


Trinity Marie Morris (January 19, 2387) Is the teenage daughter of Angelica Ryder and Nathan Morris.   Trinity is the granddaughter of Captain Nicholas Ryder and Commander Julie Lei.  Lei is currently the Strategic Operations Officer on board Starbase 75.


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Early Life

Trinity was born on Starbase Python to Nathan Morris and Angelica Ryder. SBP was a remote outpost sandwiched between the Cardassian Union, Ferengi Alliance and others.

Temporal Rifts

Temporal Rifts were always a navigational hazard in the region. In 2387 the rifts started expanding. Rafe’s Rift had already swallowed the Sargosa System and cutting off the sector from the resr of the Federation. New rifts were also appearing, sometimes as many as three or four a month. By April of 2387 the sector was no longer habitable and Fleet Admiral T’Ver ordered the evacuation of the sector. It was a slow process as there were millions inhabiting dozens of worlds.

Trinity’s parents being Starfleet officers were needed to help with the evacuations and they placed their daughter on a transport bound for Earth to live with her Grandfather Nicholas Ryder and his wife Alice Huntington.

The transport unfortunately never made it to Earh.  It struck one of the rifts and was pulled in sending it back in time to 2361.

Terra Alpha

Trinity was initially taken in by her grandparents as their daughter. In 2370 Nicholas moved his family to Terra Alpha colony where he reunited with his close friend Rebecca Talon and her husband Milo.

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