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The Lost Fleet Briefing

April 28, 2023

Last week, we released the first Intelligence Office story for the upcoming Fleet Action: The Lost Fleet. This week, it’s time to throw back the curtain fully. I am pleased to announce that the complete briefing for The Lost Fleet is now live!

More than that, a few weeks ago I notified people that we would offer something a little different this fleet action. The Intelligence Office has provided a series of Mission Briefings which members may choose to take on – unique storylines with complete briefings, many of which have wiki pages to supplement their information. Whether you just want a helping hand in getting started and want to choose your own ending, can only write less than 1 Story a week for the FA, or want something crunchy and detail-oriented from the Intelligence Office, we have you covered.

The full summary of Mission Briefings, including how they work, and the list of all mission briefings of all three kinds, can be found here.

Soon – by the end of this weekend – we will be making live a Google Form where members can claim the mission they want. This will happen on a first-come, first-served basis, with the sole exception for Critical Operations, where the Intel Office has the right to refuse a member their request. But otherwise, this is the only way to be fair. Because of this, we are giving people a day or so to read the list of missions, familiarise themselves with the process, and ask questions rather than rushing into a choice or being left behind because you’re still familiarising yourself with things.

In the meantime, read up. Get excited. And remember you can always write your own story! That’s more than acceptable.

In a week’s time, this begins. Remember: Victory is Life!