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Profile Overview

S’Lone tr’Khellian

1/2 Betazoid 1/2 Romulan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander tr’Khellian


Starbase Bravo


S’Lone tr’Khellian

Stardate 2340



Growing up in Ra’tleihfl on Romulus he lived the life of one of the most privileged. He had want for nothing and attended the best schools. At age 15 his father was arrested and executed. He stole his mother’s diplomatic runabout and sought his freedom as a Privateer.  Over the years he had an arrangement with Starfleet Intelligence which led to his mentor pulling strings for him to gain entry into Starfleet Academy. His goal is an Intelligence Posting.


At 6′ 210 lbs he appears 30 years old but due to his heritage is 60 chronological.  His rust covered hair and goatee frame his black eyes. His skin is muted saffron yellow. He has pointy ears and slightly arched and up-swept eyebrows. While Romulans normally have two brow ridges above the bridge of their nose, forming a V-shape on the forehead, on S’Lone these ridges are much more subtle; from a distance he could pass perhaps as a Vulcan/Human halfbreed.


S’Lone’s time living on the fringes as Privateer has molded his character. He is a bit of an introvert and has to work though his natural inclination towards evasion and deflection. This has left him without close friends. He is a focused worker and always seeks to keep his mind engaged even while performing simple activities, always testing and always analyzing.  He enjoys Molecular Gastronomy as a way to release stress.  S’Lone rarely raises his voice or loses control.  His dry sense of humour is instead how he handles stressful situations.


Early-Family History (Stardate 2340-2355)

  • Growing up in Ra’tleihfl on Romulus, S’Lone lived the life of one of the most privileged. He had want for nothing, attended the best schools, had the best tutors, and at age 14 began attending in the prestigious F’Trorr Military Academy where the ruling elite educated their offspring preparing them for a life of service and leader
  • hru’diranov (Grandfather): hru’hfirh (Head of House) G’lette of Hfihar s’Khellian. Member of the Romulan Continuing Committee, Nova Roma.
  • di’ranov (Father): eri’hfirh T’unen. Tried in secret court by the Continuing Committee. EXECUTED for “Treason”. Accused of passing “secrets” to the Federation via the Betazed Embassy. Worked for the Tal Diann.
  • ri’nanov (Mother): Morganna Waxia. Former Ambassador to Romulus, Daughter of the 12th House of Betazed. Exiled and escaped to Betazed when Husband was executed.
  1. Stardate 2340: Born, Romulus
  2. Stardate 2355: Age 15 – Escaped into exile with his mother to Betazed after father was executed.
  3. Stardate 2355: Age 15 – Stole his Mother’s Rundabout the Wakeful Spirit. Ran away to Earth and hired a crew to help him in his “Transportation” Business.

The Wild Years (Stardate 2359-2377)

  1. Stardate 2359: Age 19 – Ran a charter business in the Cardassian Theater.
  2. Stardate 2365: Age 25 – Klingon Civil War where he flew a trade route, working both sides.  It was here he was coopted by one Commander Sinclear of Starfleet Counter Intelligence the deal was that he would avoid arrest in exchange for sharing information tidbets collected and delivering various low profile shipments.
  3. Stardate 2369 Age 29 – Ran a charter out of Bajor
  4. Stardate 2370: Age 30 – Provided humanitarian relief to the Maquis
  5. Stardate 2373: Age 33 – Sought to collect Borg Tech during the Borg Conflicts
  6. Stardate 2374: Age 34 – Upgraded his runabout to a larger ship renamed the Royal Flush operated in the Dominion-Cardassian theater providing transportation service

The Operative Years (Stardate 2377-2395)

  1. Stardate 2377:  Age 37 – During the Tholian Conflict his status was changed to Civilian Contractor and worked much more closely with now Captain Sinclear.
  2. Stardate 2389: Age 49 – Followed Admiral Sinclear when he was transferred to the  Starfleet Office of Inspector General tasked with rooting out corruption among senior Starfleet officers.
  3. Stardate 2395: Age 55 – Finally acquiesced to Rear Admiral Sinclear’s urging to attend Starfleet Academy.

New Beginnings (Stardate 2396-Present)

  1. Stardate 2396: Age 56 – Entered Starfleet Academy.
  2. Stardate 2400.08: Age 60 – Graduated Starfleet Academy.
  3. Stardate 2400.08: Age 60 – Posted to Starbase Bravo as a Ensign Deck Officer I
  4. Stardate 2400.09: Age 60 – Promoted to Lt.jg Deck Officer I
  5. Stardate 2400.09: Age 60 – Promoted to Lt. Deck Officer I
  6. Stardate 2400.1015:  Age 61 – Promoted to Lt. Commander – Deck Officer II
  7. Stardate 2400.1225:  Age 61 – Posted as Lt. Commander – Intelligence Officer I

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2400 Intelligence Specialist Cadet Starfleet Academy
2400.08 - 2400.09 Deck Officer I Starbase Bravo
2400.09 - 2400.0923 Deck Officer I Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400.1010 - 2400.1015 Deck Officer I Starbase Bravo
2400.1015 - 2400.1225 Deck Officer II Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Commander
2400.1225 - Present Intelligence Officer I Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Commander