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Atlantis Gaming Group

Character Information


While a collection of characters, each a collection of characters themselves, the Atlantis‘ gaming group is known for their close knit and supportive relationship amongst themselves. Meeting for classic tabletop gaming sessions as a group whenever schedules allow, it’s not uncommon to just find them socialising with each other when enough of them are off-duty at once to warrant grabbing a table in the lounge and just enjoying each other’s company.


Ensign Matthew Williams

Human male. Average height and build. Operations.

Of New Zealand European origin on Earth. In a relationship with Kelly.

Matt is the Game Master for the AGG and therefore nominally responsible for the madness that ensues. He has the actually much appreciated job of crafting the fantasy world that the rest of the AGG are currently the process of bring chaos to it’s order.

Ensign Jessica Chu

Human female. Above average height, average build. Engineering.

Of Japanese American origin on Earth.


Captain Gavalore, Royal Guard (Fighter)

Ensign Wy’run Trel

Bolian male. Below average height, above average build. Sciences.



Ensign Linal Nerys

Bajoran female. Average height and build. Security.

From Bajor. Best friends with Kelly. Has promised to kill Matt if he breaks Kelly’s heart. Frequently makes jibes at Chuck, but never more then surface insults. Has a terrible sense of humour. Will never admit she has a slight crush on Chuck.



Ensign Kelly Tabaaha

Human female. Above average height, slight build. Flight ops.

Of Native American Indian origin on Earth. In a relationship with Matt. Best friends with Nerys, which was how she joined the gaming group to being with. Took Matt to meet her folks, which he survived.

Ensign Solan Th’chiral

Andorian agender. Above average height, slight build. Operations.

From the colony world of Trent. Does not subscribe to the concept of gender. Is usually the quiet one of the group. Their plans have caused Matt to call an end to gaming sessions early multiple times to give Matt time to process and figure out next steps. Is very free with their fashion advice however.

PO3 Chuck Hadley

Human male. Average height and above average build. Engineering.

Of North American origin on Earth. Frequently the target of Nerys’ insults and his own self-deprecation. Will fight the universe if it insults any of his friends. Once lost a fight with a door. Best friends with Hito.



PO3 Hito Tanaka

Human male. Average height and build. Engineering.

Of Japanese origin from New Kyoto. Chuck’s best friend and instigator of trouble. Truly committed to the idea that the best friend’s job isn’t to bail you out of the brig, but to be sitting beside you going ‘That was fun!’.