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Profile Overview

Vic Travers

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Travers


Chief Science Officer
USS Shepard


Victor Ray Travers

April 7, 2369

Louisville, Kentucky, Earth


Victor Ray “Vic” Travers is the USS Shepard’s friendly, energetic, and talkative Science Officer who is obsessively passionate about xenobiology. While some find his chattiness a bit overwhelming, his welcoming nature makes him often serve as the “glue” amongst the crew of a vessel; he makes friends easily and excels at putting others at ease.


Vic stands 5’9 and slightly slender build. His face is narrow with hollow cheeks, and he prefers wearing his brown hair in a slicked-back fashion.


Vic Travers is well known amongst those he’s served with for being chatty, eccentric, and obsessed with xenozoology. Prone to running his mouth more than he should, Travers is sometimes mistakenly judged as being self-obsessed, but his loquaciousness is in fact an extension of his tireless curiosity. Travers likes getting to know those around him as well as thinking out loud.

In addition to his unending love for the strange creatures that inhabit alien worlds, Travers is also something of an Earth history buff and enjoys classical Earth music.


Born in Kentucky and raised in Wisconsin, Vic spent his young life enthralled by alien creatures and yearned to see the strange and exotic life the galaxy. After graduating Starfleet Academy with a degree in xenobiology in 2391, Travers was assigned to the Nova-class surveyor vessel USS Gregor Mendel, which the crew affectionately nicknamed “Ol’ Friar.” During the six years he spent on the vessel, Travers participated in nine M-class planetary surveys, some lasting over of a year.

During his time with the Mendel, Travers was personally responsible for the discovery and taxonomical classification of dozens of alien animals. His personal favorite discovery is a tree-dwelling cephalopoid species from the planet Phion Q8I. He named it Phionoctopoda elton, as its flamboyant and vibrant coloration reminded him of something the Human classical musician Elton John would wear. Travers still looks back on his time with the Ol’ Friar very fondly, and during this time of his life decided that he would like to command a Nova himself someday.

Despite enjoying the life of a surveyor, Travers knew that he wouldn’t advance his career by spend his entire life on one vessel. After being promoted to full lieutenant, he requested a transfer to a more mobile ship, and was assigned to the California-class USS Fresno as Chief Xenobiologist. While the Fresno was a dedicated science division vessel, much of its time was spent studying stellar phenomena, meaning Travers frequently found himself with little to do. Deciding to expand his skills in preparation for a then-hypothetical role of Chief Science Officer, Travers completed accredited online courses in various subjects from leadership to advanced sensor operations.

After two years on the Fresno, this effort would pay off. Starfleet Command took note of his extensive coursework as well as the tight bond he had fostered with his biology department, and selected him to be the science officer onboard the Raven-class vessel USS Achana, clearly meant to serve as a primer for a soon-to-be-awarded role as Chief Science Officer. After serving on the Achana for three months, he and the rest of the crew were transferred to the USS Shepard, Reliant-class frigate and Vic’s first posting as Chief Science Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2391 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2391 - 2393 Xenobiologist USS Gregor Mendel
2393 - 2396 Xenobiologist USS Gregor Mendel
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Chief Xenobiologist USS Fresno
2400 Science Officer USS Achana
2400 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Shepard