Profile Overview


Human(Alpha Centauri) Male

Character Information


USS Denver



October 26

Centauri Proxima


John is just out of the Academy where he graduated 3rd in his class.  He went to flight school where he focused on small craft piloting with an emphasis on the new one man fighters. He quickly gained a reputation for out of the box thinking and tactics.


John is about 5’7″ slender but we’ll built with an olive Mediterranean complexion and jet black hair.


John can seek a bit stand off ish focused mainly on his career, he tries hard to prove that he belongs in star fleet and is not just in his position because of his family. He’s extremely loyal to his friends and once he opens up can actually be alot of fun and even a bit of a flirt.


John comes from a family with a long history in star fleet, the federation and Alpha Centauri in particular going back to the very founding of the federation and even earlier, both his parents were high ranking officers within starfleet with his father being an admiral, for John he grew up knowing not serving was not an option. His parents being away on duty much of the time ment he was mostly raised by his Aunt. It was at the academy where John gained his reputation as a partier though despite his many late night escapades he still managed to graduate in the top 10 in his class