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Profile Overview

Bahrat Noth

Nausicaan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Noth


Starbase Bravo


Adren Bahrat Noth





By all first appearances, Adren Bahrat Noth seems like an aging brute.  Nothing about his appearance seem warm or inviting.  Many of his features are dark and rigid.  He is a very tall and broad humanoid, well surpassing two meters in height, with great physical strength. His face is ashen in color and distinguished by a prominent bone structure with sharp tusks protruding at either side of his mouth. Unlike many modern day Nausicaans, Adren has four horns running vertically down his forehead – a sign of honour and wisdom among his people.  He has similar spines which run down his back, forearms, hands, and feet.  Bahrat has greying hair which he often keeps cut just above his shoulders.  His hair is a usual tangled mess; but, on special occasions he has been known to neatly tie his hair in a single-braid behind his head, fastened by red twine.

Age   71.
Height   7 ft.
Weight   293 lbs.
Hair Color   Graying.
Eye Color   Yellow-ish.



Adren Bahrat Noth is well adjusted and grounded.  He rarely seems anxious or nervous even in high-tension situations.  He always appears calm under pressure and perceived to always convey confidence.  Bahrat is direct, does not shy away from confrontation, renowned for his lack of subtlety and surly, and mild ill-tempered manner.  From time to time he has been known to play up his ill-tempered manner and common perceptions of Nausicaans so others will underestimate him.  He does not always let on that he has a sound scientific mind and is very knowledgeable about a range of disciplines.  In many ways though, he is a jack of all trades and a master of only a few.

He is highly competitive, though he has an intelligent, well-calculated side. He excels, somewhat of a perfectionist, at anything he attempts. He sets extremely high standards for himself and is highly organized.  He is a born leader and protector.  He is someone who is perceived to always have the answers – a plan.  When he does not, he will rely on the expertise of those in his close circle.  He is always willing to be the first to enter into a dangerous situation – if he feels he can achieve a positive outcome, though he is not usually reckless.   He has a great sense of pride, values family and honour.

Bahrat does not trust easily and only has a small network of very close confidants.  These confidants tend to be older and seasoned.  On occasion, Bahrat has been seen as distant and impersonal.

Each of his decisions are careful and well considered.  He’s dependable, a ‘doer’ and feels his worth is measured by his stack of accomplishments.  Even though he appears to make decisions quickly and lightly he feels the weight of all his choices.  A fact that he holds very close to his chest.  When he speaks and takes action he does so with a great deal of thoughtfulness and clarity.  From time to time he can be difficult to work with.  His brutish presence and sharp tongue can intimidate others.  Bahrat will never sacrifice justice and what is known to be right for the winds of bureaucracy.

Amongst other members of his species, Bahrat is known for being an unusual Nausicaan, and can carefully control stereotypical traits of his kind. Unlike others of his race, he normally uses his voice of reason and intelligence before turning to violence.  Due to this trait, on Nausicaa, he is known as a “Venolar” (“snowblood”).  A Nausciaan who is wiser, more steady and in the eyes of some, a weaker breed.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Bahrat’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness.  He is constantly pushing himself to achieve excellence.  He is tormented by his own inability to act and his own personal limitations which are usually out of his control.  A most recent example of this was at The Battle of the Round Table.  Trapped on a shuttle for much of the initial attack on Starbase 900.  Bahrat was in agony.  Helplessness, without choice is not a position Bahrat likes to find himself in.  He does not believe in a no win scenario.

He views much of his youth as a time of immensely wasted potential.  When his adopted father tore him from a life of darkness and piracy, he viewed this as his second chance, his greatest turning point.  He was no longer a creature of situation, he now had a choice – up until now his only choice was survival.  It was on this day that he chose to be better.  He realized that there was something greater our there, something great than him and the pain he had known.  He felt the call of duty in every fiber of his being and serving become his true purpose.  He would never waste an opportunity again, and when given the chance, he would always choose to do good.  Life to him was a gift, he always strived to do more, to push himself more.  He unsurprisingly hates shore leave and find inaction an iterance.

He is willing to take risks, willing to push himself and the others around him to achieve things that they never thought they could.  He openly encourages new experiences and pushes other people who serve under him to do the same. He places a great emphasis on personal development.  This sometimes makes him seem unapproachable. Though he does value friendship, and those who offer sound advice, are supportive, and dependable find a lifelong friend in Bahrat.

Bahrat struggles with not appearing too detached from his crew, while he constantly engages in self evaluation and improvement  he does not want to miss opportunities to build connections.   His life of chasing a Starfleet career has left him little opportunity to settle down, to find companionship, to have children and from time to time this is known to weigh on him.  He would never change the course of his devotion to Starfleet and upholding his own inherit values and this add a layer of confliction.

Throughout his career his respectability, strong mortal convection, are his greatest virtuals along with a compassionate approach.  This moral center often aligns well with those of the Federation.  Bahrat stands in oppositions of qualities such as cruelty, greed, and hate even when imitating from within.  Despite having a difficult upbringing his most personal pains are often found when he challenges his own image of himself and finds something he does not approve of.

Some of Bahrat’s other strengths include, intelligence, bravery, compassion and self-sacrifice.  He confronts the behaviour of others, challenges their moral standing and ability, and if lacking is the first to offer an opportunity to improve.  He has a keen insight into military techniques, has a  tactical brilliance which make him a dangerous oppoint in any conflict.  He will always apply knowledge over force; but, will never shy away from a fight when it is ultimately necessary.


Do better.  Be better.  Bahrat is in a constant struggle to be a better version of himself.  He attempts every day to be better than he was yesterday.  He wants to be better than the perceptions of his race and the harsh reality of his past.  When seeking a guide to be better, to do better, he equates that to the values of the Federation.  He sees answering the call of duty, service in Starfleet as a means to improve himself.  He is married to that ideal, it both fuels his drive and gives him purpose.  Therefore, his only ambition is to be a well respected Starfleet officer and bring pride to his father.

Hobbies & Interests

Like many individuals, Bahrat has an array of hobbies and interests.  Not unlike many other Nausicaans he enjoys showcasing his physical strength, cunningness, and tactical prowess.  He very much enjoys yielding Klingon weaponry, martial arts, Mok’bara, and tactical holo-simulations (ranging from an array of historical contexts).  He also has more academic interests, like in the field of medicine (an interest he gained from his father), bio-weaponry and cybernetics. Adren also holds a honorary medical degree from his work with his father at Starfleet Medical.

Bahrat always had an interest in command, and followed that path through his specialization in the tactical and security field.  He is also a natural explorer, actively seeking out new experiences.

He has always had a fixation on the Delta Quadrant and the darkness it covenants.  He reveres it as a true final frontier.  Much of his career has been devoted to Task Force 38 and Starfleet’s mission to secure its own stake in this virtually unexplored quadrant of space.  He believes the light in his eyes will burn out as he gazes out across the bridge of his ship at some unnamed beauty in the unforgiving Delta Quadrant.



Spouse None; he has never been married.
Children Unknown.  None; to the best of his knowledge.
Mother His biological maternal parent is not know.
Father His biological paternal parent is not know.  When he was a young adolescent he was adopted by a Starfleet Medical Officer, Dr. Gora bim Gral.  He calls this Tellarite father.
Brother(s) Unknown; he has no known biological siblings.
Sister(s) Unknown; he has no known biological siblings.  Dr. Gora bim Gral also adopted a young Nuvian orphan named Xanna Zjod just years after Bahrat.  He refers to Xanna as his sister; though, she is recently deceased.
Other Relatives Unknown.  He has no known biological relatives.

Personal History

2330 – Adren Bahrat Noth was born on the Nausicaan asteroid base, Melvar some lightyears from his species’ homeworld, Nausicaa, located in the Alpha Quadrant. His parents were either killed, or abandoned him at a very young age.

2342 – He spent much of his youth struggling for survival. When he reached the ripe age of twelve, he took up a life of piracy. He joined a small elitist group of pirates who called themselves the Nausicaa Confederacy. During this time he worked among other Nausicaans making up hunting parties of several warp-capable raiders, which operated from various asteroid bases. He developed a keen interest in the operation of plasma cannons, deflector shields, and hand-held directed energy weapons.

2346 – A few days after what marked his sixteenth birthday, his raiding party failed to subdue a federation medical freighter.  It was during this encounter that he met a medical officer, named Dr. Gora bim Gral. Dr. This Tellarite was a renowned medical doctor holding several scientific degrees and PhDs on varying worlds. Dr. Gral took the young Adren under his wing, and adopted him as his own, a process that took great patience and time. Dr. Gral always pushed Bahrat (the name he always endearingly calls his son) to excel, to fight the good fight and trumpet over his greatest weakness, himself and his past.  The Tellarite saw someone who had witnessed so much pain in his short life, someone who was forced to grow up before his time, someone who had never experienced love, and he offered an alternative – a chance to be better.

2350-2359 – Adren truly began to shine during his early twenties when Dr. Gral moved his adopted family to a Klingon colony, Pe’Vale as a part of an unpopular Interspecies Medical Exchange. During these years Adren joined the Klingon Defense Force, easily passing the entrance exam. Adren became very skilled with the arts of weaponry, shield defense, intelligence, and hand-to-hand combat (developing expert skills in the art of bat’leth combat). Shy of a decade, his duty with the Klingons build him as a fearless leader.  During his tenure he became second and later first officer of several Klingon warships. He served three (3) years as second officer, and four (4) years as first officer aboard a Bird of Prey, and later an Vor’cha-class attack cruiser.  In Adren’s late-twenties, while relations with the Klingons were tense, Dr. Gral accepted a senior position at Starfleet Medical on Earth.

2359 – Adren again followed his father, and quickly gained an interest in Starfleet himself. He enrolled at Starfleet Academy at the age of twenty-nine (29). He took courses surrounding his interest and background in the military.  He had a noted interest in command, and knew he wanted to take the route of command with specialization in tactical and security.  He was truly driven by his internal competition to push himself to excellence.

2363-2365 – At thirty-three (33) years of age, Bahrat graduated Starfleet Academy with admirable scores.  Over the course of the next two years, Bahrat wanted to stay close to home, near his father and sister.  He received a post at Starfleet Medical, as a Security Officer, on Earth.  It was during this time that he continued his studies, and even pursed courses in the field of medical science.  For a short time, he considered following in his father’s footsteps to honour him; but, later decided against it.  He pursued his own strengths and decided to be his own person.

2365-2372 – The Ensign’s path then led him to his first starship assignment as a tactical officer on the U.S.S. Horizon [Miranda-class]. He rapidly moved through the ranks, having a great experience with his achievements with the Klingons, gaining the rank of full Lt. at the age of thirty-eight (38).

2372-2376 – Lt. Noth was given a new opportunity, it was during this time that he became Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Gateway [Galaxy-class].

In the early 2370’s, Detachment 38’s mandate changed and he was reassigned there . Under the moniker Defense Force Delta, Bahrat and his crew aboard the Gateway served with other ships of the line as an attack wing for Task Force 58, patrolling the Klingon border, a border where Bahrat had served from the other side, his experience was invaluable.  Bahrat’s skills were tested as his successful combative missions piled up.  Bahrat was recognized for his heroic nature, his natural leadership abilities, and for being both intelligent and calculated, a true force to be reckoned with.

This was further tested when the USS Gateway saw action like no other in The Battle of Sector 001 and the First Battle of Union.  It was here that Bahrat really got the taste for battle, and became ever more motivated to strengthen Starfleet’s assets and improve security.  It was Bahrat’s honorable service in these major conflicts which granted him the well deserved promotion to Lt. Commander.

In the early days of the Dominion War, Bahrat and his crew were directed to patrol the Romulan border. Once the Romulans entered the Dominion war in September 2374, Bahrat and Defense Force Delta was retasked to the front lines where he and the Defense Force served until the end of the war.  Bahrat continued to prove that he was an admirable opponent even among the Dominion.

2377-2378 – After the Dominon war, Bahrat had felt disconnected from his family on Earth.  Lt. Commander Noth took a post at Starfleet Headquarters, California, Earth, as an Intelligence Officer.  It was here that he closely followed the Pathfinder Project and became intrigued with reports from the Voyager crew, a crew which had been missing in action for years, presumed dead.  He closely followed the story as Janeway crippled with her crew across the dangerous Delta Quadrant.

2378-2385 – Soon after the end of the Dominion War, and Voyager’s return home in 2378 Bahrat wanted back in on the action, he wanted to get out amongst the stars again.  He had seen so much war, with the Borg and then the Dominion; but, the Voyager story rejuvenated him.  Their story of survival, their ability to not only stay alive; but, maintain Federation morals was admirable.  He began to romanticize about what dangers lurked out there – in this final frontier – ready to be tamed.

When Defense Force Delta followed through with an experiment with an Iconian Gateway on Union III which created a wormhole connecting it to an Iconian gateway far across the galaxy in the F’hoca Sector of the Delta Quadrant, Lt. Commander Noth jumped at the post aboard the U.S.S. Redemption [Sovereign-class], as her Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

In the wake of this discovery, the cross-functional diplomatic and tactical unit was rebranded Task Force 38 and assigned to exploring and charting the F’hoca Sector under the Delta Exploration Initiative.  An initiative that Bahrat was thrilled about.  Task Force 38 operated in the F’hoca Sector from 2376 until 2383. Except for several run-ins with the Borg, the early years in the F’hoca Sector were mostly a return to the sort of exploration and diplomacy at the center of Detachment 38’s original founding two decades earlier. This all changed in 2381 when the Borg unexpectedly attacked and destroyed Starbase 911, the headquarters of Task Force 38 at the exit aperture of the F’hoca Gateway. For the next two years, Task Force 38 had to deal with hostile incursions by the Borg culminating in the Omega Crisis of 2383 when the F’hoca gateway was destroyed, along with Starbase 900, the replacement to Starbase 911.

This was a difficult loss for Bahrat and all those in the Task Force; but, he refused to allow the setback to take hold.  He denounced the Borg, and refused to allow them to cripple their stake in the Delta Quadrant.  He was ever more empowered to serve his captain aboard the USS Redemption to bring new stability and security to the region. Over the next few years he worked toward this end.

2385-2387 – Following the loss of the F’hoca Gateway, it appeared at first that the Delta Exploration Initiative was over; however, to the surprise of all, the Union Gateway unexpectedly reactivated and connected with another Iconian gateway, this one in the Solaria Nebula of the Round Table about thirty thousand light years away from the F’hoca sector. Task Force 38 used this Iconian gateway to continue the work of the Delta Exploration Initiative, now focused on the Round Table.  Bahrat was reassigned to the USS Excelsior [Sovereign-class], as her Chief Security/Tactical Officer.  After serving the Excelsior well, and being key to many missions securing peace in the Round Table, Bahrat was promoted to Commander.  A promotion that her captain felt was long overdue.  With the promotion came the Second Officer title.

In 2386, command replaced the unpredictable Iconian gateway with the Federation’s first transwarp gate.  An act that many felt would add a new layer of security to the region.

2387-2388 – During this year the Excelsior’s First Officer took leave and her captain asked Commander Noth to fill the chair at his side.  Bahrat gladly accepted the opportunity.  It was also during this time that Bahrat’s sister had been killed.  She always had a little rebel in her, and did not seek purpose like Bahrat did after being adopted – given a second chance.  This was a loss that Bahrat felt deeply – he had not been home, had done nothing to help.  His father was affected greatly and this only added to Bahrat’s turmoil.  But then through Bahrat’s grief came the Borg… a total distraction.

It was aboard this ship that Bahrat and Task Force 38 fought the Borg.  After one of the deadliest engagements that the Federation ever faced, The Battle of the Round Table, a Task Force once tasked with exploration now lay in ruin struggling to survive, disconnected and alone. Every crew, every leader, burdened with a heavy heart and a broken spirit from the void the Borg left and the uncertainty of ever returning home.  It was following this dark day that Bahrat was asked to take his own command.  He was promoted to Captain and tasked with repairing the heavily damaged Equinox and recruiting a crew.  He was forced to fill his ranks with inexperience and civilians.  For the first time, in a Task Force now cut off from home, it struck Bahrat that his father would surely believe that he had lost another child.

2388-2389 – Bahrat now focused on the only thing he could – repairing his fractured ship and recruiting a crew.  After many months in hold at Diogara Station, the ship had been patched together; but, this station was no Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and the ship was as much held together by the faith and might of her crew.  Bahrat was the first to take his crew through the Epatha Gateway into the familiar yet unforgiving Gradin Belt.  Her mission to seek out new allies and heal old wounds.

To the surprise of many, the Equinox quickly rose as a staple in Bravo Fleet’s 38th Fleet.  Captain Noth quickly whipped his band of misfits into a crew comparable to the greats.  He quickly settled into his command chair.  After successfully reconnecting with both the Kesat and Turei, Bahrat was promoted to Fleet Captain, at the age of fifty-nine (59).  Command felt that his ability to mold his skeleton crew and successfully take on the Gradin Belt before many was admirable.

Personal Timeline & Service Record

2330 – Born on Nausicaan asteroid base, Melvar, Alpha Quadrant.  Stayed on or near Melvar throughout adolescence (Age 0-12).
2342-2346 – Nausicaa Confederacy, Pirate (Age 12-16).
2342-2346 – Grew up aboard the Federation Space Station, Earhart.
2350-2352 – Klingon Defense Force, Officer/Cadet (Age 20-22).
2352-2355 – Klingon Defense Force, Second Officer (Age 22-25).
2355-2359 – Klingon Defense Force, First Officer (Age 25-29).
2359-2363 – Starfleet Academy, Cadet (Age 29-33).
2363-2365 – Starfleet Medical, Security Officer, Rank: Ensign (Age 33-35).
2365-2372 – U.S.S. Horizon [Miranda-class], Security/Tactical Officer, Rank: Ensign; later promoted to full Lt. (Age 35-42).
2372-2376 – U.S.S. Gateway [Galaxy-class], Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Rank: Lt.; later promoted to Lt. Commander (Age 42-47).
2377-2378 – Starfleet Headquarters, California, Earth, Intelligence Officer, Rank: Lt. Commander/Administrative (Age 47-48).
2378-2385 – U.S.S. Redemption [Sovereign-class], Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Rank: Lt. Commander (Age 48-55).
2385-2387 – U.S.S. Excelsior [Sovereign-class], Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Rank: Lt. Commander; later promoted to Commander (Age 55-57).
2387-2388 – U.S.S. Excelsior, First Officer, Rank: Commander; later promoted to Captain after given his own command (Age 57-58).
2388-2389 – U.S.S. Equinox [Sovereign-class], Commanding Officer, Rank: Captain; later promoted to Fleet Captain (Age 58-59).