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Caitian Male

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Captain Kr'Antren






Captain Kr’Antren now works as part of the Task Force 47’s operations department. He has been assigned command of the newly formed Dragon Squadron.


Kr’Antren is a grey haired caitian with lynx like look to him.. He wears his mane braided on both  sides as this helps, he believes, with his periphery vision plus it helps to keep it under control instead of all standing out free.. Kr’Antren stand at about 6’6” at full height and is reasonably built to fit his frame and height..


Kr’Antren would be seen as the guy you want to be friends with. Outgoing and friendly but those that know him know that he also cares deeply for his friends and family and would do anything to help than in a time of need. Kr’Antren also has a top notch work ethic and believes that not only should he know his duties but those of the person above him. When needed KR’Antren has no qualms with getting his hands dirty, he believes that he shouldn’t ask any one in his crew to do something he is not willing to do himself.


Born in 2376, Kr’Antren and his brother  S’Atilen were the second and third children born to LtCmdr’s R’Tana(mother) and Kr’Tik(father) professors at Star Fleet Academy on earth. The brothers were sent to their fathers family on Caitia shortly after reaching the age of five and returned to earth at around the secondary school age; their parents agreed that this was the best for the brothers  so that they would grow up in their native culture.

secondary school is where the brothers started to excel and separate, grow into their own “person”. Kr’Antren excelled in math, social sciences and computer sciences he also started to grow into his body partaking in the more physical sports.
His dreams of becoming a pilot started around his high school years when he became interested in flight, rocketry, after attending a flight demonstration out on by the academy and saw the internal rocketry any drone flight competitions that the academies teams took part in.

Upon graduation Kr’Antren decided to immediately take the academy entrance exams and follow his dreams of being a starship pilot..

Academy years

Kr’Antren found the academy to be tough but yet he knew, growing up as academy professor children, that you had to put your head into the books and apply yourself to become better. The first two years being on earth were about what he expected from the academy.. Being assigned to flight training and than to the academy on Mellstox III is when things ramped up a notch. The flight training, course work and the practical side of the academy being on StarBase Bravo cemented his dreams and forced him to push himself even harder to not only learn but to become the star fleet officer he knew he was deep down.

First assignment – Star base Bravo.

When it was his turn to decide his path he knew he had the grades, skills and professor recommendations to enter into the star fighter advanced training but he chose the path that he knew would lead him to his end goals being a helmsman and than a commander of a Star ship.  So he spent the first two years learning shuttles, raven class ships and whatever else he could get some helm time on even if it was for maintenance check rides or shakedowns he was always first to volunteer..

Second assignment: Captain of the USS Rhyndacus.

Third Assignment: Captain of the USS Osiris

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2395 Cadet 4 Star Fleet Academy - Earth
2395 - 2396 Cadet3 Star Fleet Academy - Earth
2396 - 2397 Cadet2 Star Fleet Academy - M
2397 - 2398 Cadet1 Star Fleet Academy - M
2398 - 2400 Small craft pilot Star Base Bravo
2400 Captain USS Rhyndacus
2400 Captain USS Osiris
Lieutenant Commander