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Profile Overview

Luke Crawford

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Cadet Freshman Grade Crawford


Starbase Bravo


Luke William Crawford

July 21

Bear Creek, Montana





Before joining Starfleet, Luke found himself living a life without very little technology.  His father died of a sickness when Luke was in his early teens.  Being the oldest of three this meant that the family depended on him.  It wasn’t until his 18th birthday and his mother remarrying and moving to the city that Luke felt he was on his own.  While everyone was so keen on joining Starfleet for a space adventure, he thought of a different pan to see the galaxy.  He decided to join the Territorial Security Force and push as far past where Starfleet had a reach and worked with new and emerging colonies (while Under UFP protection but sorely lacking any help outside of TSF.

3 Years of fighting and working in conditions not even Starfleet enlisted cadets would work with.  Luke, haven seen combat already enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Program but not as a grunt but as a pilot.