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Ghant Xerix

Betazoid Male

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Commander Commander Ghant Xerix


Ghant Xerix

January 22, 2360

Rixx, Betazed


Ghant is a Son of the Third House of Betazed, and holds his culture quite close to his heart. He is a survivor of the Dominion occupation of Betazed, an event that molded him towards service in Starfleet.

He currently serves as Executive Officer aboard the USS Aquarius, a role he takes pride in. He’s known for being fair but having high expectations, though of himself most of all.



He is of middling height, with a lithe build and upright carriage. Ghant’s hair is dark, medium length, and worn slicked back. His eyes, like nearly all Betazoids, are black. A large nose anchors his face, and he typically has some slight stubble




Ghant is charming and gregarious, but very mercurial. There is very little gray area in his opinions. On duty he is well organized, quick thinking, and diplomatic. Off duty he’s much more laid back. He speaks with a Rixxian accent that bleeds through even when he is speaking Federation Standard.


Ghant was born in Rixx, Betazed to Celeswyn Xerix, Daughter of the Third House of Betazed and her husband Jovari (née Sarrn) Xerix. His mother was a diplomat and his father a space-yacht designer.

When Ghant was 14, the Dominion invaded Betazed. His mother, pregnant with her second son, helped lead the resistance. During the latter stages of the occupation, Celeswyn was killed, leaving Jovari and Ghant grieving.

After the occupation ended, Ghant finished his primary education and elected to join Starfleet upon reaching his age of majority.