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Romulan Male

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Ensign Lihran


Starbase Bravo






Lihran is an arrogant, standoffish Romulan engineer. He picked up many behaviours from humans that he has befriended over time, such as a rude sense of humour and his love of jokes and pranks. He is closed off about his past and joined The Federation to spite his parents who have roots in the Tal Shiar.


Lihran is a rather tall Romulan male, standing at about 190cm. He has a broad and heavy set physique of someone who lifts weights. He takes quite a bit of vanity and pride in his appearance, keeping his short black-grey hair swept back and neatly styled into place more often than not. His hair is starting to grey, showing he is more middle aged. He has a square jaw and sharp features and always seems to bear a faint hint of stubble. His brow ridges are a bit faint, though very much visible. His posture and demeanour is incredibly laid back and relaxed, though forcibly formal when anyone of an important position addresses him. He always seems faintly amused yet permanently fatigued.


Many have some rather choice words about Lihran. He is painfully blunt and honest and is not usually gentle with his words. He likes to play pranks on people or crack rather rude and crude jokes, forgetting who is around him. He soaks up other people’s behaviours around him to try and ‘blend in’ more.

He is a very task orientated person and will see things through start to finish, no matter what. He is known for taking long periods of time without sleep and copious amounts of stimulants to get tasks done. He is a workaholic in the worst sense and has worked himself till he collapses more than once. His diligence and sense of duty earns him good repute, despite his snark and bluntness. One can describe Lihran as an engineering manual on legs. He tends to get irritated and snappy with anyone who interrupts him.

He is a bit negative and a pessimist always anticipating the worst from situations and people. He is adamant in making sure people do not like him so no one gets attached to him and he does not get attached to them, for fear of disappointing people.


Lihran was born the single and only child of his parents, their union rather loveless and only for political gain, and his role was solely to be their heir. His parents were rather wealthy and held a good deal of power in the Tal’Shiar. His parents used their wealth to buy Lihran into the Tal’Shair and get him the best training available, noting he has an affinity for engineering and a special interest in quantum mechanics and warp systems. Lihran had a hand in developing Romulan technology. He followed his parents and joined the Tal’Shair, but much to their annoyance, he was adamant on only being an engineer and only tended to the systems, refusing to take part in anything else, as he says: “I kept the vessel running and from imploding. That’s it, nothing more.”

He married his at the time commanding officer. As tensions rose amongst Romulans, tensions rose between him and his husband, Lihran discovering he married a horribly corrupt and nasty Romulan. Frustrated with the current events and his husband, he willingly defected to the Federation in 2384 and broke off his marriage, and disowned himself from his family all at the same time, wanting to start fresh.

He wasn’t the biggest fan of being brought to Starfleet academy at his age, finding all the people younger than him and fresh eyed and full of optimism and wonder absolutely annoying. He stayed extra years, longer than normal, to take extra courses and gain more knowledge on Federation technology, and partially due to a fear of rejection if he tried to apply for a Federation Starbase or ship due to his past. His severe workaholic tendencies developed at the Academy, ignoring any social relations or friendships in favour of studying and working.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2304 - 2315 Engineer Tal Shiar ship, Ridaere
2315 - 2348 Engineer Tal Shiar ship, Ridaere
2348 - 2385 Chief Engineer Tal Shiar ship, Ridaere
2390 - 2399 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2399 - 2400 Engineering Officer Starbase Bravo