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Vorta Female

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USS Denver


Maveren 5

November 8, 2275

Dominion Cloning Facility, Rondac III





Maveren 5 is a Vorta assigned to further Dominion interests in the Cardassian 12th Order.



Maveren is a Vorta active in the mid-2370’s who was assigned as the Dominion liaison and advisor to Gul Hian Gozec, commander of the Cardassian 12th Order. There were frequent disputes between the two over the execution of Dominion policy, Maveren worked to maintain the relationship and do her part to hold the alliance together.  At present there have been five total activated Maverens, and she is considered an adequate, but not the most reliable Vorta in the Domnion.

The Clones

Maveren 1

Maveren 1 is the original progenitor of the Maveren line of clones.  Originally grown in the Gamma Quadrant sometime around 2275. She came to oversee the governance of Q’tel IV in 2276. She held this position until her death at the hands of Q’tellian assassins in 2305.  The Dominion dealt harshly with the people of Q’tel IV by wiping out half the population and the rest were sent to labor camps.  The planet was transformed into a Jem’Hadar training facility.

Maveren 2

Maveren 2 was activated in 2305 and served with the Dominion fleet for 50 years.  Her career was mired in mediocracy.

Maveren 3

Maveren 3 was a failed clone activated in 2355.  She sympathized with several conquered species and actively helped them escape the clutches of the Dominion.  Eris 1 was sent to arrest Maveren 3.  Maveren 3 put up little fight and activated her self-termination implant in mid-2356.

Maveren 4

There were no Maveren clones until the Dominion encountered the United Federation of Planets.  As the Dominion battle fleet was grown to meet a future conflict Maveren 4 was activated on June 5, 2373 and was sent to the Alpha Quadrant as part of the initial Dominion build-up. After Cardassia officially joined the Dominion Maveren 4 was assigned to the 12th Order.  At the Battle of Tyra she led the Jem’Hadar forces that nearly wiped out Starfleet’s 7th Fleet.  On March 6, 2374, while onboard the Cadassian Warship Valdora, Maveren 4 and Gul Gozec lead an unsuccessful attack on the USS Denver at a major intersection of of shipping lanes.  That battle would later be coined The Battle of the Crossroads. During the battle the Valdora was struck by several quantum torpedo’s from the USS Tigris and was completely disabled, and killing the captain and Maveren 4 in the process.

Maveren 5

Cloned at the Rondac III cloning facility Maveren 5 was one of the first Vorta activated from that facility on March 12, 2374.

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