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Profile Overview

Jimena Zelenko

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Zelenko


Commanding Officer
USS Shepard


Jimena Ivanovna Zelenko Garcia

February 21st, 2363

USS Venture


A cool, collected, and slightly aloof Commander, Jimena Zelenko has lived almost her entire life on starships ranging from Galaxy-classes to Saber-classes, and is more comfortable in the punishing vacuum of space than she is on a planet’s surface. After serving for years as an executive officer on an Excelsior class, Zelenko has been granted command of the USS Shepard, Reliant-class frigate.


Standing 5’7 and slightly stocky, Commander Zelenko has green, almond-shaped eyes, straight brown hair, and a medium tan complexion. Her nose is slightly hooked, and she’s known for having a rather stern default expression.


An experienced tactical officer, Zelenko is known for being an icon of calm, slightly stoic confidence. She was considered to be rather cold and detached during her junior years, but has matured into a very even-tempered officer that knows when to break up her natural stoicism with a bit of passion, humor, or disciplining.

Having lived her younger years almost entirely on starships and space stations, Zelenko is a born spacer, and vastly prefers life amongst the stars to being planet-bound. In fact, spending such a vast amount of her life in space has rendered her mildly agoraphobic; being able to see to a horizon line still makes her just a little uncomfortable.


Jimena Zelenko was born in early 2363 on the USS Venture. Her mother was an operations officer and her father was a civilian. Due to the nature of her mother’s busy job, she generally spent more time with her father, and her accent more closely resembles his Slavic affectation than her mother’s Hispanic.

In 2373, she and her father were transferred from the Venture to Starbase 172 as the vessel prepared to take a more prominent role in the Dominion War, but they returned to the Venture and her mother in 2376.

Zelenko was accepted to Starfleet Academy once she turned 18, and graduated in 2385 as a tactical officer. She was assigned to the Saber-class frigate USS Doolittle, and quickly made a name for herself as a calm and collected officer who could keep her nerves no matter how stressful the situation. Her time on the Doolittle mostly consisted of running escort and patrol missions in wolfpack formations, and while she saw little action beyond fighting pirates and raiders, it was enough to convince Zelenko that her future lay with more aggressive Starfleet vessels. After a year and a half, she was promoted to Lieutenant JG, and was upgraded from Relief Tactical Officer to full Tactical Officer

In 2389, Zelenko was promoted to Lieutenant, and was transferred from the Doolittle to the Defiant-class escort USS Piorun, and served as a bridge tactical officer. During this period, she was exposed to much more heavy combat, with her ship primarily used to patrol the Tholian border and fight off any incursions they made into Federation space.

In 2394, after five years of serving on the Piorun, Zelenko was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made executive officer of the Excelsior-class vessel USS Tecumseha vessel assigned to the 4th Fleet’s Task Force 93 and predominantly used in humanitarian missions. While this was done to diversify Zelenko experience and avoid creating a vastly overspecialized officer, she nonetheless interpreted moving from a Defiant to such an older vessel as a hinderance to her career trajectory. However, the assignment and the ship itself soon grew on her. She found the humanitarian relief and rescue missions to enormously fulfilling and far more challenging than she’d assumed, and the sheer rugged dependability of the Excelsior-class led to her developing quite a bit of affinity for the old ship.

After serving on the Tecumseh with distinction for six years, Zelenko was transferred from the old Excelsior to the Achana, a small Raven-class corvette, to prepare her for a full-sized command. After three months of commanding this vessel, she promoted to Commander and given command of the Reliant-class frigate USS Shepard.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 - 2385 Cadet, tactical studies Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
2385 - 2387 Relief Tactical Officer USS Doolittle
2387 - 2389 Tactical Officer USS Doolittle
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 - 2394 Tactical Officer USS Piorun
2394 - 2399 Executive Officer USS Tecumseh
Lieutenant Commander
2400 Commanding Officer USS Achana
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - Present Commanding Officer USS Shepard