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Profile Overview

Ferellan Tornelis

Orion Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Tornelis


Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arcturus


Ferellan Tornelis

February 17, 2340 (Age 61)



Deceptively youthful in appearance, Lieutenant Commander Tornelis is a very experienced Starfleet Intelligence analyst and field operative. Born on Kolar as a slave, he had “acquired” command of his own vessel by age 19, though the details behind his ascension are clear only to him. He operated as a free trader for twenty years in and around Federation space. Though he moved a wide variety of cargo, the source of most of his wealth was the sale of information. His cargo vessel was destroyed during the Dominion War in 2375 and he was rescued by Starfleet, the only survivor of a crew of 35. Though he attempted to restart his trading business, he found the pursuit hollow following the death of his friends. Tornelis applied to and entered Starfleet Academy in 2381, and his talents were quickly identified by Starfleet Intelligence. Though he could hold command rank after twenty years in the service, he’s ‘been there, done that’ and is content at his current grade.