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Profile Overview

Actor Mario Casas

Gaeda Ruiz

Human Male

Character Information


Gaeda Ruiz is Sidda’s right hand man and for years was her executive officer aboard the Vondem Thorn. In the aftermath of the Hunter’s of D’Ghor’s incursion into the Archanis Sector and the crew’s ‘going legit’ he has become the commanding officer of Totally Legitimate Salvage Operations’ second ship – the SS Martian Thorn, named in honour of his lost birth world. As the Martian Thorn‘s CO, he still answers to Sidda, but has the freedom to pursue other objectives as well as achieve something that TLSO couldn’t with just one ship – be in two places at once.

A former Starfleet officer, Gaeda quit when he became disillusioned with the service, working a variety of jobs to allow him to travel the Federation before he fell in with Sidda and her rag-tag band. He believes that his current life allows him to do more good for the common folk of the Federation than if he had remained in Starfleet.