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Geraint Vaughn

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Commander Vaughn


Starbase Bravo


Commander Vaughn has had a long career in Starfleet as a law enforcer, peacekeeper, and security officer. His gruff, no-nonsense attitude has left him with a reputation as a harsh taskmaster, and he is known for having particularly little patience for officers who do not meet the standards he expect of members of Starfleet. These attitudes have won him the nickname of ‘the Dragon’ from disgruntled subordinates, or the more affectionate ‘the Old Man’ from those who respect him, usually begrudgingly. The latter holds particularly true for those who have served with him as far back as his tenure on the former Starbase Bravo. While it would be a stretch to suggest there lies a heart of gold under his gruff exterior, he is an adamant champion of Federation and Starfleet principles.


Early Life and Career

Born in 2347 in the Rhondda Valley of Wales, Earth, Geraint Vaughn’s childhood was spent with a large family and a close-knit community. It was this upbringing, centered around an atmosphere and a heritage of mutual care, that drove him to Starfleet service once he was of-age, and he studied at the Alpha Centauri Academy campus.

There Vaughn was a decent, but unexceptional student. Where he shone was in teamwork or anywhere he could get his hands dirty, and he captained the Academy rugby team and scored high in most physical training sessions. When he graduated with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Small-Group Tactics, he went on to serve as a security officer, first aboard a starship, then on a starbase.

The Sovereign

While he clearly thrived better on a starbase community, rising galactic tensions saw him redirected to more front-line service, and during the Dominion War he served on the USS Sovereign as a security team leader. Vaughn received multiple commendations for bravery, but to this day rarely speaks of the war or his experiences. He is more likely to mention that the Sovereign was where he met his future husband, brash helm officer Edward Hardy. Despite his preference for starbase service, it was Hardy who kept him on the Sovereign for several years after the war.

Their conflicting career needs threw obstacles in their relationship, which almost dissolved under the pressure of their diverging paths, until a shuttle accident in 2380 that severely injured Hardy. The two were reconciled, marrying soon after as Hardy decided to be the one to make a change. He moved from piloting to smallcraft engineering, and eventually became a civilian designer.

Station Life

Vaughn spent the next four years as the Chief of Security on the outpost of Deep Space Seven, then five as Precinct Head on the surface facility at Irada IV, earning a reputation for being a harsh taskmaster and a firm protector. Staff learned to fear or respect him, or sometimes both, as he never suffered fools gladly and had high expectations for his officers’ comportment. But he was doggedly loyal to his people, and even as Starfleet became more jaded after the Attack on Mars, refused to let the ethics of his command fall to cynicism or abandon what he saw as the Federation’s principles.

In 2390, he moved with his family to the old Spacedock-class Starbase Bravo. With his experience running security on smaller stations and regional security on a planet, Vaughn was more than qualified to serve as Director of Promenade Security on one of the largest starbases in the Federation. There he served for eight years, until the final year of construction of the new Guardian-class successor, at which point he took over running security for the transition.

He was offered the post of Chief of Security for the whole station, which would have included an advancement to the rank of captain, but turned it down to remain in his current post on the new, larger station. Vaughn expressed that he was much happier in a role where he can stay hands-on, and he remains a regular face on the promenade, well-known by those who live and work there. He is guarded amongst colleagues about his personal life, but it is no secret that he lives on board with his husband Edward, and their children William and Ava. Civilian inhabitants of Starbase Bravo know him to be firm but fair, but among Starfleet he is rather more notorious, especially when it comes to troublemakers.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2369 - 2371 Security Officer USS Valour
2371 - 2374 Security Team Leader Starbase 19
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2374 - 2380 Security Team Leader USS Sovereign
2381 - 2385 Chief of Security Deep Space 7
Lieutenant Commander
2385 - 2390 Precinct Head Irada IV Facility
Lieutenant Commander
2390 - 2398 Director of Promenade Security Starbase Bravo (Spacedock-class)
2398 - 2399 Security Director Starbase Bravo Transition
2399 - 2400 Director of Promenade Security Starbase Bravo