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Steven Watson

Human Male

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Ensign Watson


Starbase Bravo


Steven Owens Watson



Ensign Watson currently resides at Starbase Bravo. The large Guardian Class station is one that is easy to get lost in if you don’t pay attention to directions and the signs or the name plates when you’re walking down the corridors. The thing that the Ensign enjoys the most is getting to look out at the starships that are being built and near completion. The thing that he does not enjoy, is finding out that he has not been assigned to any of the ships that are ready to launch and start on their first assignment. But he does not let this fact bother him when he has access to the station’s full liquor bar and his friends. One thing about him is his unique personality, where he likes to try and make people laugh.


Steven Watson was born on August 18th, 2377 to the parents of Sarah Watson and James Watson. Much of his childhood was full of laughter and joy, the moment he was a toddler and able to walk, he ran and boy did he run. Practically every day of his life he remembered that all he did was run. He ran all over the house, ran after the dog outside, ran after his friends of his age, this child was full of energy and it was not going away. And this energy kept with him when it came to the age of going to school and earning an education. He would run to school in the mornings and run back home in the evenings. When he was twelve years old, his parents encouraged him to join the school track team to try and get him to burn out all that excess energy but this only encouraged him even more to run faster and harder than ever. Every year, Steven would win gold medals for his school, every year he would take on the tournaments and championships and return with nothing but gold medals. Nothing could possibly slow this man down. Except for maybe one lady, who at the age of sixteen, Steven first laid eyes on a woman named Rachel Maddison and he fell head over heals for her and then quite literally fell over, faceplanting into the dirt.

While Steven continued to run for track for his school, he spent a lot of his free time with Rachel, time that everyone who knew him thought he would run right by. But instead, this one woman slowed him down enough to enjoy the things in life. Every chance he got, him and Rachel would go out and see the movies or watch the shuttles lift off and land from the near by star ports. They would go to open fields and lay in the grass to watch the stars and point out at those that moved, to guess if they were satellites or starships that went by. When Steven graduated from high school, he felt proud to be eighteen and able to make his own decisions. He was prepared and ready to take life by the horns and commit to the woman that he loved. He was going to take Rachel to the open field, to watch the stars, and to propose to her. But unfortunately, one fateful night, there was a shuttle accident. Rachel and her family were coming home from a trip from the Luna City and there was a navigational error on one of the incoming shuttles. Their flight paths crossed and going at the speed that they were, the collision was fatal for both passengers.

Steven mourned for the loss of his girlfriend, but he did not take this as an ill omen and give up on life. Instead, he remembered the things she told him, every word, and decided that it was best to keep on living and move on. But the one thing he did keep, was a photo of her, to remember that even though she is gone, there will always be another out there. Steven went and joined Starfleet Academy the next day, took the exam and passed with flying colors.

(Starfleet Academy, 2395 – 2399)

Most of the years in Starfleet Academy for Steven were pretty uneventful. He went to his classes, passed every exam, tried cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test like anyone else and did his very best to be the model A student. One thing that was probably not at all surprising, was that he joined the track team in the Academy and definitely had competition from someone he never met before. They competed and competed almost every day, trying to best one another but they were practically neck to neck when it came to running, that Steven could not see a way he could beat the guy. At least until Steven decided to play a little joke and spiked the man’s drink with some drowsiness liquid that put the guy out in mid run and slept for a few hours. This of course benched Steven for a few weeks but it didn’t stop him from challenging his rival every now and then, who eventually got back with melting Steven’s shoes. Nevertheless, Steven and his rival who were on the same team were essentially unstoppable and brought the Academy’s track team four gold medals, one for each year.

One other thing that Steven did enjoy doing was trying to make people laugh. He would often find some people feeling down in the dumps, and so he would come up with ridiculous faces or jokes that would bring their spirit up. One of them he did in one of his classes, where he came in dressed as an old timer and would play some flute before saying ‘So…looking to enter the Academy eh? I have seen many travelers enter, but none return!’ (yes stolen/modified from a show I have been recently watching on YT) Nevertheless, whenever there was a moment that he get to play on some act, he would take the opportunity and give them a show.

Although Steven did not graduate at the top of his class, he did have a lot of fun and celebrated with at a graduation party with his friends before being sent to Starbase Bravo of the Fourth Fleet for his very first assignment.

(Starbase Bravo, 2399 – Present)

Ensign Steven Watson arrived on Starbase Bravo in late December of 2399, and immediately joined in a New Years party with a bunch of junior officers to celebrate the new year of 2400s. This of course led to some drunken stupor shenanigans, like leaving whoopie cushions in certain high ranking officer’s offices on their seats, which would meant hacking and breaking security clearances to get in such offices, or programing the replicator to dump a heap load of whip cream in every single coffee that is asked for. Yeah, that wasn’t a very fun surprise to a lot, especially to himself when he woke up from a nasty hangover, ordered a cup of black coffee and found a mountain of whip cream on top of it. Of course, Steven spent the time required in the brig for his actions, but considering the clean record he’s had up to this point, and the fact that it was the New Years party, he pretty much got a slap on the back of the wrist. Though Steven feels like there will always be eyes watching him for the next slip up.

Steven personally selected the Generalists position in the Flight Control Department because he wanted to keep things interesting and to learn the trades of all positions. So every now and then, whether it is after a week or two weeks or a month, he would be in a different position, whether it be a Flight Control Officer, Small Craft Pilot, Space Traffic Control Officer – which he really enjoys guiding them ships in and out of the bays, and lastly the Hangar Operations Officer. All of these positions create a lot of potential development in such as logistic skills, management skills, command, operations, piloting and more. Though he figures that when the day comes, he will have to pick one position as his default/go to position when ever he advances in rank. But when ever he is not on duty, he hangs out with his friends or plans some pranks on them as well.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2399 Command and Flight Control Starfleet Academy
2399 - Present Deck Officer Starbase Bravo