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Profile Overview

Thomas Stephens

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Stephens


USS Denver


Thomas Stephens



Physical attributes:
Species: Human
Skin Tone: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6′
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 32

Thomas keeps his hair cut, short and tight and has a small goatee.

He maintains a slim physic, not overly muscular, but you can tell he works out.


Thomas was born in the Proxima Colony in the Alpha Centauri system. He comes from a family of Star Fleet officers, his father and mother met on a star ship Sartoga before they got stationed at Proxima Colony in science lab there. They started a family and Thomas and his 2 brothers were born. Thomas is the oldest and his brothers both look up to him. He joined the Academy as soon as he was eligible and dove into his courses there fervently.

Thomas graduated with honors and received his first posting on the USS Denver as the helm officer. He has loved flying from a young age so this was a fitting post for him.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
USS Denver Helm