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Profile Overview

Ryuu Baker

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Petty Officer 2nd Class Baker


Ryuu Jaxson Baker


Played By

Meila (ID: )


Outgoing, fun to be around, wizard with words, and languages.



Ryuu is an outgoing, open, and friendly man. Raised as an only child he wanted for companionship most of his life, and unlike most in that situation he never really developed coping mechanisms for it. Once he was in school, he made friends quickly, and easily, and was almost always trying to be the center of attention. Thankfully, as he grew older, he at least mellowed on a few of those aspects and no longer tries to insert himself into every situation like he did as a child. He has grown into a very responsible, caring, and driven young man, who wants to give back to the society he has benefited from, and is a devoted member of Starfleet.


Willowy, and tall, with a vibrant smile, and expressive almond shaped eyes, Ryuu has an allure all his own. His reddish-brown hair is often cropped short, showing off deep waves, and the freckles that dot his face add to a sort of strikingly charming appeal. He is a meticulous, though minimalistic, dresser, and when not on duty can often be found in simple, but very comfortable clothing, with simple, tunic style shirts, and loose pants, that don’t restrict range of motion.

Personal History

Ryuu was born in Tokyo, Japan, to a Japanese mother named Midori, and an African American man named Jaxson. He spent the first five years of his life in Japan, and then, when his father’s job relocated him back to North America the entire family picked up and moved back to his hometown of Manhattan, Kansas. The culture shock was massive for his mother, but was even worse for Ryuu who’s darker skin, and obviously Asian features made him stand out in almost every situation.

Ryuu was a very intelligent, and studious child, and did well in school. His marks were especially good in classes that dealt with writing, and language, and from an early age it was clear that he was going to be a polyglot. He spoke fluent Japanese and English by the time they returned to North America and would find a strange attraction to Vulcan when he was in Elementary school that would see him taking that when he went into Junior high and having to pick a language for an elective.

From there it all sort of just spiraled, and after graduating from high school Ryuu would immediately enlist with Starfleet as a noncom communications specialist. He went through the eighteen-month training at STSA on Luna and was then immediately placed aboard his first vessel. He has only been in the fleet for a few years now, but already has made quite a name for himself. His current posting, aboard the USS Aquarius has been his favorite so far, as it promised to expose him in much greater depth, to the Romulan language.