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Profile Overview

Brodie Lewis

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Fleet Captain Lewis


Deputy Commander, Task Force 93
Bravo Fleet Command


Brodie Lewis was born and raised in the mountains of Montana. His parents were really the outdoor types. Brodie was taught at a young age the importance of being slow and meticulous as his parents taught him to hunt. Brodie would go into the mountains and just track animals once he was old enough to go out by himself. Brodie spent many hours out and away from his family and it became something he enjoyed. It would help him in his future endeavors. Brodie loved where he lived, but as he got older he realized there was more to life than just being in the mountains.

Brodie graduated from school and realized he had the ability to join Starfleet, but he knew he wasn’t ready to try for the entrance exam. He began to put all his effort into studying to make sure he could pass the exam. He also began to look at the many different career paths that the Federation and Starfleet held. The decision was not something that was quick, but as he looked at each path he realized that he was good at meticulous and slow work. The path he decided on was one of the more obscure paths in Starfleet, but one that was important. Brodie would become a member of Starfleet Intelligence.

After many months of study, Brodie decided to take the entrance exam and passed he began his tenure in Starfleet Academy and knew that after this his life would change forever. He struggled through the Academy having no friends and being more of an introvert than most. One of the downfalls to where he lived his friends were the mountains and the animals, not humans. He began to realize he needed to open up to someone and made friends with a few fellow classmates including the now Captain Michael Ryder. There were many nights he would go to Felicity’s bar with Ryder. It was this friendship that helped Brodie through his four years in the Academy with the help of his friends he began to flourish and realized the importance of his friends. 

The four years flew by and Brodie was given his first assignment on a Neutral Zone listening post where he was a junior intelligence analyst. His job was to take the information that was received and disseminate it to its proper destinations. The work was tedious for most, but Brodie enjoyed his job as an ensign he was commended for the hard work by his senior command officers. After just a year and a half, he was promoted to Lieutenant JG, due to the exceptional work he had provided to Starfleet through the many transmissions he had intercepted and deciphered important information. The job of actually decrypting the information coming into the station and classifying it through the Federation standards was not as easy as it may seem. Intelligence was a job of patience and research and Brodie lived for it. The listening post received a message that was decrypted by Brodie that announced a possible attack on a nearby planet. The attack was stopped and Brodie was commended yet again for his exceptional skill in the matter. 

Brodie stayed on the station for another three years and reached full Lieutenant. He was asked to transfer to Deep Space 43 and become the senior intelligence analyst for the station. Brodie took the position and realized there was a problem. There was a spy on the station and they were targeting Brodie. He began to work extra shifts trying to find information about the spy, though to no avail he went to the station CO. Brodie requested to be placed in the station ops as he had discovered the spy was using ops. The CO agreed and Brodie was placed in station ops with all information needed at his disposal. He also got permission to lock out files from all crew excluding the CO and himself. The change was noticed and the spy revealed themselves trying to hack into the system to gain access to the classified documents. Brodie with the help of Station Security had the spy arrested. The imposter was part of a Romulan spy cell, which was quickly dismantled after the many months of dissemination of information by Brodie and his team. Brodie was commended by the Station CO and after five years he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. 

Brodie stayed on the station though he was given a chance to join a ship as the chief intelligence officer. Brodie liked the atmosphere of the station and the command staff. He continued to do his job, but with even more efficiency than before. He now briefed the senior staff regarding any Intelligence matters and helped his team to learn the ins and outs of the field. Brodie had become the most senior intelligence officer on the station and the respect from others was very apparent. This respect was noticed as Brodie was requested for a new position as part of the Fourth Fleet. He had been waiting for an opportunity like this to arise and after four more years on the station, he was given that chance.

Brodie was asked to become the Task Force 86 Intelligence Director with the promotion to Commander. He gladly accepted the position and is eager to begin the new position. After some time Brodie was asked to take over Task Force 86 after some unexpected changes. Brodie agreed and took the rank of Captain, where he would now work to make the Task Force better than before.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2386 Intelligence Analyst Classified Listening Post
2386 - 2389 Intelligence Analyst Classified Listening Post
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 Intelligence Analyst Classified Listening Post
2389 - 2394 Senior Intelligence Analyst Deep Space 43
2394 - 2399 Senior Intelligence Analyst Deep Space 43
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - 2398 Task Force 86 Intelligence Director Starbase 86
2399 - 2400 Deputy Director of Fourth Fleet Tactical Command Bravo Fleet Command
2400 - Present Deputy Commander, Task Force 93 Bravo Fleet Command
Fleet Captain