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Profile Overview

Arturo Hidalgo

Human Cisgender Man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Hidalgo


Chief Operations Officer
USS Pallas




Arturo Hildago

Stardate 2374.1 (Age 27)

Miami, Florida, Earth


Lieutenant Arturo Hidalgo is the current chief operations officer aboard the starship Pallas. Hidalgo’s background is in warp field dynamics, and this assignment is his first tour of duty as a bridge officer rather than as an engineering specialist, a career move he took in response to the vacancies created by the events of Frontier Day. During his time aboard the Arcturus, Hidalgo received the nickname “Ship” from his colleagues, as he shared his name with the vessel itself, and he’s still sometimes called this on the Pallas. He is confident, energetic, and often willing to leap head-first into situations before fully analyzing them, meaning he often needs to be held back by his superiors.


Hidalgo is short and well-built, coming to 170 centimeters in height and weighing 73 kilograms. Of Cuban and Dominican ancestry, he has olive skin, as well as dark hair and dark eyes.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2396 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy, Mellstoxx III
2396 - 2398 Warp Systems Engineer USS Nautilus (NCC-87010)
2398 - 2399 Warp Systems Engineer USS Nautilus (NCC-87010)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2401 Warp Systems Engineer USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Pallas