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Dr.Qel'vek Krull

Klingon Male

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Lieutenant Commander Krull


USS Denver


What’s in a name? A born healer, restorer – member of a dead house, deserter yet rekindler. This is what Qel’vek is, and who Qel’vek is yet to become. A warrior-poet and skilled doctor, a master of the blade both Mek’leth and scalpel. The last true Son of the Falcon.


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<- Dr.Krull, 2399
Born upon the great world of Qon’oS, the Klingon Homeworld, Qel’vek of House Krull was destined for greatness – his family being known as mighty warriors, at one stage holding a seat on the Council, counted among the Great Houses of Kahless. Qel’vek, in the tongue of the Klingon was called “He who restores” – this was a title for those that would restore the honour of the Empire, but in truth this restoration would become a far less abstract title in the coming days. His name, given to him several years after birth came from when he bandaged a wound that another child had suffered whilst learning Mek’leth – though the other Klingons abhorred him for this, it was a talent nonetheless – one which he continued fostering.

Outside of martial combat and healing, Qel’vek found much interest in books and the oral history of his people, myths and legends of his forebears- of the beasts Kahless fought, and other such legendary heroes and glorious warriors of the long-distant past – in the annals of an old and ill-kept library upon Qon’oS there he noted however, the number of his ancestors that were slain, not in combat – but by disease. Though Klingons are more resilient to diseases and poisons than most other races – he did find it curious how a warrior could destroy mighty hulking warmachines, armies of monsters, the gods themselves – but they could not destroy invisible microorganisms. There was no glory in dying of old age, dying of disease – death without combat was nothing.

He saw his first taste of true warfare when had just hardly become a man, fifteen years of age – he joined the war fleets of the Empire aboard the Bird of Prey known as the Hate of Krull (The IKS Krull-Ghe’or), one of the many ships which was controlled by his father’s House. He functioned as a mere warrior, despite his nobility, his father wishing for him to learn that there is little difference between blood and blood, for all blood is spilled the same. For three years he fought as a warrior whilst studying under the Physician aboard the Hate, and for another two years he served directly as the ship’s physician – using the traditional remedies and cures of the Empire – he was able to save some through intuition, and fortunately enough most of these wounds were simple phaser burns, cuts and scrapes. And those that died, died in combat – and as such died with honour. At twenty years of age he transferred to a K’tinga Class Battleship known as the “Yihoh” – again serving as both a physician and a warrior, at this point his reputation for saving the fallen had become well-known – something which was disdained yet tolerated by his Father, and hated by many members of the crew, viewing him as some sort of weakling for wanting to save the dying. Krull did not take these insults lightly, and backed his profession with violence – sending many of his critics to the very infirmary which they disdained. The IKS Yihoh was different to his time aboard the Hate – as instead of defending Imperial Worlds from outsiders and rebels, they were raiding foreign space – including covertly raiding Federation supply lines. After taking a prisoner aboard the Yihoh, this prisoner was a Starfleet Medical Officer. He was severely wounded during his capture, and the Klingons had intended to ransom him back to the Federation – but Krull had different ideas, he learned from Doctor Maxson for several days – understanding more of the technical side of medicine during this time – this information allowing him in future to save many more souls, keeping him safe and healing him from his wounds. When it came time to ransom the doctor, Krull allowed a slight dent to his reputation – by showing the Doctor the way out, allowing his escape.

His work as a physician and warrior garnered favour with his father, stepping him above his pure warrior brothers Kal’vek and Kor’vek – gaining a position upon the Flagship, a Vor’cha Class Battle Crusier known simply as the IKS Chon – meaning “Hunt”  – he became the head physician (And therefore Science Officer) aboard the ship by the age of 30, and served there for another five years – his father giving him a gift, a Kronosian Falcon – the sigil of their house, in his fifth year he met his wife, T’kalu – within a few months she bore twins – yet to be named. That was before everything turned wrong.

Sigil of House Krull, the Falcon

For generations, House Krull had functioned as members of the Great Council of the Emperor However, the Chancellor had declared a purge of  “Corruption” and cleared six seats of the Council, his family was one of them – cast out. House Krull would not accept this, and began a rebellion – using their vast armies along with the hosts of the other exiled 6 families, to fight against the Klingon Empire. This was a doomed battle, but a war done out of honour – for they could not accept such a slight without taking up arms.

During this civil war, the House Krull Flagship, Chon was boarded by forces of the Emperor, a ship of Lethean Warriors- during the boarding Qel’vek was shot in the face, much of his former appearance being severely damaged, and his left eye being destroyed completely. Not that alone, but many of his comrades were injured, not by weaponry – but by a chemical virus released by the Letheans, and telepathic attacks which caused massive neurological pain – and he had no way of saving them. They died without glory, shot down by rogues. His brothers too were shot down, gassed or telepathically demolished – Krull had tried his best to resuscitate them using what medical knowledge he knew, but they were slain – he was not even able to look into their eyes upon their death. He could not send them to Kahless and his Black Fleets – for he could not save them. He vowed he would never allow this to happen again.

After having to flee the ship during it’s self-destruct sequence, House Krull was defeated, and it would not be given a seat on the council, their great lands stripped, many of their warriors executed enmasse – Krull’s wife at the time, T’kalu leaving him as to not be associated, taking one of their two sons, Kal’vek. Kla’vek, the Lord of House Krull had taken his own life in shame. Qel’vek understood there was no future for him in the Empire, at least not now – and fled to the Federation, the former lands that he once used to raid.

The only logical place for him would be in Starfleet – he understood that the humans were true masters of medicine, and the only place for him would be amongst the Stars, as he had always been- exploring, adventuring…And raiding – though that part he was willing to leave behind. Qel’vek soon found himself in San Francisco, upon Earth, being sponsored by a curious individual – the prisoner of war that he had taken all those years ago aboard the IKS Yihoh, Dr.Maxson. He took courses in many electives, including creative writing, military history, hand to hand combat and so forth – all of these he greatly succeeded at – however, his primary action was medical school, twelve years of it in fact – his son being educated during this time partly by humans, and partly by himself – wishing to ensure that his son understood Klingon Culture, whilst being able to gain the intellectual insights of humanity.

By the end of his courses, residency began. He was assigned to Starbase 375 on the Cardassian Border for a duration of a decade, from 2388 to 2398, His son is a full grown adult by now – and member of the security staff upon the Starbase. 


His residency completed – he was soon accepted aboard the U.S.S Europa, working as a member of the medical staff – eventually gaining the position of Chief Medical Officer which he holds to this day.

<- Dr.Krull, 2390s uniformed

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2354 - 2355 Warrior IKS Krull-Ghe'or
2355 - 2357 Warrior IKS Krull-Ghe'or
2357 - 2359 Physician IKS Krull-Ghe'or
2359 - 2364 Physician / Science Officer (Privateer) IKS Yihoh
2364 - 2374 Head Medical and Science Officer IKS Chon
2373 - 2380 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Denver
Lieutenant Commander
2380 - 2381 Student Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
Cadet Senior Grade
2381 - 2388 Medical Residency Starbase 357
2388 - 2393 Medical Staff U.S.S Europa
2393 - 2399 Chief Medical Officer U.S.S Europa
Lieutenant Commander