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Profile Overview

Anastasia Stavros

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Major Stavros


MACO Detachment Commander
Phoenix (Archive)


Anastasia Stavros

11th August, 2124

Athens, Earth


Major Stavros is the MACO Detachment Commander on Phoenix NX-08. Despite excellent scores in aptitude and training, her career has had a slow start, with some ranking MACOs integrated from the European Hegemonic Army suspected of holding her back for unclear family politics. Initially assigned to training or defence duties, Stavros demonstrated her mettle enough to be dispatched to head the protection detail of the Commonwealth Ambassador to Tellar, considered an inauspicious and merely ceremonial post for a MACO officer. She won some acclaim leading the repulsion of an attack on a diplomatic party by violent extremists, which raised her profile with Starfleet, eager for unit leaders as they integrated MACOs with their war-time starship complements. This saw her selected to lead the MACOs aboard the Phoenix NX-08, and she is the only surviving senior officer from the original ship’s roster after the deaths of the crew of the Pioneer and Commander West.