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Profile Overview

Aiken Roush

Human/Denobulan Male

Character Information


Starbase 86




Aiken James Roush



Aiken is known to be an outgoing, honest and downright friendly person to most people, to the point that he can become an annoyance to some. Despite being half-human he was largely raised on Denobula. Since losing family members in first the Dominion War and now through the terrorist attack on mars he was determined to join Starfleet in their honor and memory. While his honesty and outgoing attitude sometimes would unintentionally lead to him getting in trouble, he was largely successful in the Academy. While initially he planned to be a security officer he changed midway to Operations, where he would graduate and be assigned to Starbase 86 right after graduation.


Aiken was born out of what was initially a fling while both of his parents were vacationing on Risa, although they would go on to continue their relationship, marry and have more kin. While genetically born of two worlds- Denobula and Earth, Aiken largely only grew up surrounded by Denobulans and their way of life. While he would occasionally visit relatives on the human homeworld, it ultimately was not much exposure to their culture.

Despite the Denobulan custom of having several partners Aiken’s mother, Forlisa, would take one husband, which would be Aiken’s father. While Aiken’s father would have allowed Forlisa to have more husbands as is typical, she ultimately decided against it.

Even though he did not have the extended family multiple step-fathers and mothers would have added to the mix, Aiken still had a largely traditional Denobulan childhood surrounded by countless family members.

The Dominion War, despite having ended close to his birthdate, still left a noticeable impact on his life. He lost the opportunity to know multiple aunts, uncles and other family members that were lost at some point throughout the war as most of them served in Starfleet or other organizations that were off world.

As he grew up he heard stories of these family members and the battles they fought during the war, which ultimately led to his desire to become a Starfleet officer in the field of security of even tactical. This urge was only heightened with the attack on the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2385. Sure, he had heard of family members lost in violent fights but it was no one he knew personally, that is until the Mars attack.

When Mars was set aflame he lost three of his human family members, an uncle and two cousins who worked in the Fleet Yards. Despite being a mere seven years old, it was when this occurred that he fully committed his mind to joining Starfleet to aid in the Federation’s defense.

As soon as he was old enough he applied to Starfleet and was successful in his first attempt to get in. Although he started out as a Security focus as always planned he would eventually turn to Operations as it turned out he was ultimately not much of a fighter himself. He found a sort of passion with Operations that he did not feel with Security or Tactical.

He ultimately decided that he would pursue Operations, as it was still a way to aid the Federation and Starfleet in the long run, even if he may not be the one to always be in the actual frontlines. He finished third in his class and was immediately assigned to Starbase 86.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2395 Cadet Academy
2396 - 2396 Cadet Academy
2397 - 2397 Cadet Academy
2398 - 2398 Cadet Academy
2399 - Present Security Officer Starbase 86