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Profile Overview

Luca Di Stéfano

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Luca


Starbase Bravo


Luca Di Stéfano


Earth, Ancona


  • Early Life (2378-2396)

Luca Di Stéfano was born in Ancona, a small Italian city, in 2378. His parents were both Starfleet enlisted, his father served on USS Voyager as a cook while his mother served on the same ship as security. His parents met on the ship and when it was decommissioned his mother moved to Italy with his father. He grew up hearing stories about everything the Federation had done for the galaxy. He wasn’t the most popular kid in his school but was neither bullied. He studied just enough to pass with good grades. When he was old enough, he decided that he wanted to join Starfleet and help make a difference in the universe. He applied to the Academy and was accepted.

  • Starfleet Academy (2396-2400)

He arrived at the academy on earth without really knowing anyone. He studied to become an engineering officer. He took all the extra courses he could because he really didn’t have anything else to do. He didn’t do exceptionally well in any of the courses but he did good enough and graduated after four years. He was assigned to starbase bravo as an engineering officer.

  • Starbase Bravo (2400-Present)

After graduating he was assigned to Starbase Bravo to serve as an engineering officer. He was a bit sad to not be assigned a starship to work on as he had expected. 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2400 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2400 - Present Engineering Officer Starbase Bravo