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Profile Overview

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Harper Bowens

Human Cisgender Man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Bowens


Chief Operations Officer
USS Arcturus


Harper Bowens

Stardate 2369.6 (Age 32)

Central Coast, California, Earth


Commander Harper Bowens is the Chief Operations Officer aboard the Arcturus. After leading the Arcturus‘s first hazard team for six months, Bowens was assigned as the training officer for all four of the ship’s teams and was one of the ship’s several Officers of the Watch. He is ambitious, by-the-book, and just cocky enough to feel at home in the center seat—even though he hasn’t made that jump for himself yet.


Bowens is 175 centimeters tall and has a toned, athletic build with 80 kilograms of lean muscle. Thanks to a lifetime of playing sports and holding himself to a strict regimen of personal fitness, he is in nearly perfect shape, though he is merely average in height. He has a square jaw, and chiseled facial features that give him a very classic beauty. He has medium to light brown hair which develops natural highlights—though in his youth thanks to spending time in the California sun, his hair took on a golden blond hue, and it still will if he’s off of a starship for long enough. Generally, he’s clean-shaven but has been known to wear a mustache or a well-trimmed amount of scruff.


Quietly self-assured, Bowens is well-acquainted with his own strengths and weaknesses. He is measured and thoughtful, almost always looking before he leaps. This is what made him such a successful hazard team leader: the ability to act decisively without being foolhardy. He is ambitious, but not particularly arrogant, having learned when to keep his mouth shut even when he thinks he might have a better idea than one of his superiors. In most respects, he is the textbook example of a talented, young Starfleet officer: eager to please, and yet confident enough in his own worth that he’s not willing to settle for less than he deserves. He unabashedly and nakedly wishes to find a command of his own. On duty and on the bridge, he is the consummate professional, and he remains polite and charming but becomes more flirtatious.

Romantic Relationships

In general, Bowens practices serial monogamy: while he doesn’t necessarily desire a long-term committed relationship, he prefers to date just one person at a time. He identifies as bisexual and has had romantic relationships with several of his shipmates, including Lewis Gardner, Tristan Hawthorne, and Adrian Fox. Now that he is truly a senior officer, however, he is realizing that it may finally be time to settle down—as long as doing so is compatible with his ultimate career ambitions of becoming a Starfleet captain.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2391 Astronautics & Warp Systems Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
2391 - 2393 Relief Flight Control Officer USS Adelaide (NCC-80026)
2393 - 2397 Flight Control Officer USS Adelaide (NCC-80026)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Adelaide (NCC-80026)
2399 - 2400 Senior Support Craft Pilot
Hazard Team α Leader
USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)
2400 - 2401 Officer of the Watch
Hazard Team Training Officer
USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)