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Profile Overview

Takahashi Riku

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Takahashi


Chief Communications Officer
Second Officer
Phoenix (Archive)


Takahashi Riku

8 July, 2120


Takahashi Riku was a Starfleet linguist and protocol officer until he resigned in disgrace some years ago. While the details are not widely known, it is broadly believed his resignation was the only thing which avoided an unpleasant and messy public court martial. Since then he has worked for the Earth Cargo Service, which reportedly better suits his irreverent approach and lack of respect for policy, attributes which often brought him into conflict with his past superiors. Only at the direct request of Captain Lopez has Lieutenant Takahashi been brought back into Starfleet to serve on the Phoenix NX-08.


Takahashi is of average height and wiry in build, and seems perfectly content to be unimposing both in stature and bearing. Boyishly handsome, he is always quick to offer a lopsided grin, and his tousled dark hair gives him something of an off-beat, irreverent charm. His presence is such that he can command the attention of a room if he must, but he is equally capable – and inclined – to slip into the background and get lost in a crowd. Something of a social chameleon, if circumstances call for it he can scrub up and sound presentable, or adopt the patter and mannerisms of a fringe spacer; even those who know him well may struggle to tell which of his demeanours is the mask and which, if any, are real.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2143 - 2145 Linguist Gemini NR-11
2145 - 2148 Chief Communications Officer Constellation NCC-47
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2148 - 2151 Chief Communications Officer Constellation NCC-47
2156 - 2157 Chief Communications Officer Phoenix NX-08