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Profile Overview


Orion Female

Character Information


Head Doctor
USS Ride




A skilled surgeon and internal medicine doctor with a specialty in xenobiology, Dr Qartas requested a deep space assignment, and was assigned to the Lili’uokalani. She has served on numerous Federation vessels throughout her career. Her attitude can best be described as friendly, but professional, presumably due to her species’ unique biology and the effect of her pheromones on others.


Qartas was raised in Orion Space, but fled upon entering adulthood. She had a deep seeded desire to help others, and found most of her species’ actions within their own home space to be distasteful. She was accepted to Starfleet Academy upon applying.


Qartas, upon graduating was assigned first to the USS Gibran, a small science ship assigned to the Alpha Quadrant. During this post, she found that her species’ pheromones were having a deleterious effect on the male members of her crew. Rather than inoculate every male aboard the ship, she opted to take pheromone blockers, and has proceeded to do so through the rest of her career thus far, though they only work to a certain extent. After 2 years aboard, she was promoted to Lieutenant, and transferred.


Qartas was assigned to the USS Avicena, a light cruiser assigned to humanitarian aid in the Beta Quadrant. The ship undertook several relief missions where her skills as a doctor and surgeon were touted. While she appreciated the praise, she had career goals, and wished to become a ship’s chief doctor in her own right.


Qartas was assigned as Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Westpoint, a heavy cruiser assigned close-in within Federation space, and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She found this to be the most enjoyable experience of her career to this point, and was able to engage on an interpersonal level with her crew that she’d not experienced in her previous postings.


Qartas requested a deep space assignment, and was assigned to the Lili’uokalani by the office of Personnel. She was promoted to Commander, and has served happily aboard the ship for the past year, seeing more of deep space than she ever thought possible.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2387 Surgeon USS Gibran
2387 - 2390 Medical Officer USS Avicena
2390 - 2398 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Westpoint
2398 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Ride