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Profile Overview

Kyle Rain

Human Male

Character Information


USS Unknown Vessel ID


Lieutenant Commander


Kyle stands in at 6 feet tall even. He weighs 175 pounds and maintains acceptable body fat standards. He has black hair and blue eyes. He wears his hair short and prefers to style it up in a spikey tousled look. He had no tattoos or scars. His cheeks are somewhat full and a pointed chin give his face an angular frame.


Kyle was born in 2371 with a twin, his parents Adrian and Jack were both staff officers in the Federation, so he grew up on vessels and stations. Well adjusted to Starfleet life and it’s requirements and hardships. his parents did their best to instill in him the fleets core values: Honesty, Loyalty, Duty, Selfless Service, Respect, Integrity, Honor. It came as no surprise that both he and his sister Erin opted to enroll in the academy at 17 with their parents approval.

Kyle took to piloting, inheriting his fathers love of fast things and control. He also excelled at keeping a cool head under pressure and exhibited promising signs of leadership. After graduation he was assigned as a shuttle pilot as an Ensign aboard the Thunderchild. On his promotion to Lieutenant he was transferred to the Conn position where he worked on Beta Shift. When the Alpha shift operator was killed in action, Kyle was able to reroute functions to an unused terminal. He was recognized for his actions and put in for a promotion.

offered the chance to take another posting or take a crack at Commanding a smaller vessel Kyle pounced on the opportunity. He’s now attending the massive conference at the fleet before receiving his next orders.