Lieutenant Alexander Kolokotronis

Alexander Koloktronis is a Starfleet officer who currently serves aboard the USS Shanghai as her Chief Operations Officer. He's been an officer for 12 years, previously serving missions aboard the USS McKinley, USS Indianapolis, and the USS Perseus, serving as operations officer aboard all three ships. He attended the University of Athens prior to Starfleet, earning two degrees, in Political Science and Military Studies.


Alexander Kolokotronis was born in Kastri, Greece, to Ioannis and Sofina Kolokotronis, both military officers. Due to his limits in the village he took up carpentry while in high school in order to pay for university. He applied to and studied at the University of Athens, where he got degrees in both Political Science and Military Studies. He then attended Starfleet, and graduated while focusing on command. He then served for 12 years on 3 different ships, serving mainly as an Operations Officer. He was promoted to Lieutenant in his last year aboard the USS Perseus.
During his time in Starfleet, he has earned the Star Cross, the Legion of Honor, the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry, and Starfleet Award of Valor.

Service Record

2377 - 2382
Operations Officer
USS McKinley
2382 - 2387
Operations Officer
USS Indianapolis
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - 2389
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
USS Perseus
2389 - 2389
Chief Operations Officer
USS Shanghai