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Profile Overview


Brunali Cisgender Man


Character Information

Rank & Address



Engineer's Aide (Provisional)
Starfleet Corps of Engineers Unit
USS Odyssey


Jaceon is an ex-Borg who was liberated from the Collective by the crew of the USS Odyssey in 2401. When he was a Borg drone, his designation was Nine of Eleven, Tertiary Adjutant of Unimatrix Seven Nine.


Jaceon carries with him a constant reminder of the internal conflict between his Borg programming and his attempts to reclaim his Brunali identity. The remnants of Borg cybernetic implants partially obscure his tall and lean frame. Part of his optical implant sits along his facial ridge and above his left eyebrow. In contrast, small implant nodes remain embedded under his skin across other parts of his body, forming intricate patterns that symbolise his former life as a drone.

Jaceon’s eyes are a piercing shade of light blue. They exude intelligence and curiosity, reflecting his regained consciousness. He keeps his brow hair short and slightly waved. Jaceon’s posture is upright but relaxed, a clear indication of his efforts to integrate back into society while retaining the disciplined demeanour of a former drone.


As an ex-drone, Jaceon has a complex personality which is shaped by his traumatic experiences in the Borg Collective and his ongoing struggle to regain his individuality. He’s pretty shy and timid around people he doesn’t know, often keeping to himself in social situations. Jaceon is sometimes hesitant in some situations if he feels uncomfortable. He usually appears reserved, avoiding eye contact and speaking in soft tones when around unfamiliar faces. His body language tends to be closed off, with his arms crossed or his hands tucked into his pockets.

Strengths & Weaknesses

In environments where he’s more comfortable, like engineering, he relaxes slightly, his focus shifting to the task at hand. Jaceon finds it easier to discuss technical issues. However, he can sometimes forget some social standards and blurt things out that he shouldn’t without thinking twice.

Jaceon has a deep bond with Commander Reuben Gray. He views Reuben as a sort of big brother figure, someone he can trust and rely on in times of uncertainty. Someone who gets what it is like to regain their individuality after losing it to the Borg. Gray’s calm demeanour and steady guidance have been instrumental in Jaceon’s reintegration into society, providing the stability he craves. Jaceon often seeks Gray’s approval and reassurance, finding comfort in his presence. Jaceon is likelier to let his guard down around Gray and has developed a good banter rapport with him. Despite his shyness, Jaceon has a gentle heart and a strong sense of empathy.


He wants to repay the crew of the Odyssey for rescuing him and eventually find his way home to his people.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


  • None that he is aware of


Early Life

The Borg wiped Jaceon’s memory from his childhood, and his assimilation files were unavailable when he was liberated. He partially remembers some of his Brunali culture but not much.

Jaceon was assimilated when he was a teenager.

Later Life

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)

When Jaceon was a Borg drone, he and others in his sub-processing unit survived the Voyager pathogen of 2377. As a last-ditch effort, his unit created a sub-collective to help protect them from the virus while they worked on the creation of a backup transwarp hub. Jaceon was rescued by Commander Reuben Grey, an ex-B himself when he interacted with Jaceon as a drone. Gray was able to reach Jaceon and convinced him to drop the defences around the half-completed transwarp hub. After destroying the hub, Jaceon was taken back to the Odyssey, where Doctor Slyvexs and Counsellor Hilgan assisted with his recovery.

In mid-2401, he was given a provisional Starfleet commission in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers unit to assist Gray. The two developed a big brother/little brother relationship during this time.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Engineer's Aide (Provisional) USS Odyssey