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Profile Overview

Thrala Ojhosi

Andorian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Cadet Ojhosi


Starbase Bravo




Thrala Ojhosi

October 11th 2382



Thrala Ojhosi was born to a very distinguished family with her father that has pursued very successful career in the arts and has made a huge name for himself as a painter and had also worked in the engineering field. With her mother on the other hand, having joined Starfleet and had eventually became a Captain just very recently aboard her own Starship known as the U.S.S. Champlain. Having completed her education at Starfleet Academy she now seeks to really home in on her craft as an engineer aboard a major starship with future hopes that she could one day become a Chief Engineer, of course being the very head strong and diligent person that she is. She also does seek to eventually take the captain’s chair of her very own assigned vessel. But of course, she knew that all good things came to those who are patient and put in the work towards their goals.


Thrala has mid back length hair and is very tall standing at about 6’0, no thanks to a recessive genetic trait from her family. Her skin and eyes are as blue as a clear blue sky and her hair is as white as snow. Her antennae sticks out very noticeably at the very front of the top of her head, being that she was very active in her younger years in Andoria she’s got an incredibly fit and curvy build.


Thrala is an incredibly kind and outgoing person to interact with, although she can appear as being timid and shy at first when meeting new people she will eventually come out of her shell and become increasingly more talkative. When approached with a challenge to overcome she is very headstrong and will become determined to help in finding a solution.


S’evrin Thakat (Younger Years, 2384-2397)

Thrala Ojhosi was born into a distinguished family on the icy moon of Andoria, known for their contributions to scientific research and engineering advancements within their clan. From a young age, Thrala exhibited an insatiable curiosity about the universe beyond her home planet’s frosty surface. She spent countless hours exploring the snow-covered landscapes, gazing up at the stars, and dreaming of the far-off worlds she longed to visit.

As she progressed through her education, Thrala quickly distinguished herself as a prodigy in both science and mathematics. Her keen intellect and relentless drive propelled her to the top of her class, earning her accolades and recognition from her peers and mentors alike. However, it was in the field of engineering that Thrala truly found her passion ignited.

Fascinated by the intricate machinery and technology that powered Andorian society, Thrala delved deep into the study of engineering, devouring every piece of knowledge she could find on the subject. Whether it was tinkering with broken machinery that she salvaged from the ice or poring over technical manuals late into the night, Thrala’s dedication to her craft knew no bounds.

Ch’vren th’yael (Family Life)

Thrala had a very great relationship with both of her parents. And had always enjoyed both painting and tinkering with electronics with her father when she was a young child. Although her mother wasn’t always in the picture for some parts of her adolescent years due to her work within Starfleet getting in the way when she did come back from her long outings into space, she would be begging her to listen to some of the stories that she had from her certain assignments and just what things were like working within Starfleet in general. Though her mother would tend to shy away from anything regarding the Dominion War due to the amount of hardship and good friends that she had lost during that conflict that had occurred a long time ago, Thrala even had to be told by her father that she would always be plagued by horrific nightmares of the war.

Her mother didn’t want to join at all wanting to spare her daughter from ever having to experience the amount of loss that she had to go through during the Dominion war, while her father on the other hand had simply wanted her to follow his footsteps and to become an engineer like he did , but despite her family’s expectations for her to pursue a career in pure science or academia, Thrala remained steadfast in her pursuit of engineering. For her, there was no greater thrill than the challenge of solving complex technical problems or designing innovative solutions to improve the lives of her fellow Andorians.

Driven by her insatiable thirst for adventure and discovery, Thrala set her sights on the stars, determined to explore the vast reaches of the galaxy and push the boundaries of what was possible through her engineering prowess. With her boundless enthusiasm and unparalleled expertise, Thrala Ojhosi embarked on a journey that would take her far beyond the confines of her home planet and into the heart of the unknown. Thrala’s aspirations extended beyond the confines of Andoria; she harbored a deep desire to join Starfleet, the organization tasked with exploring the depths of space and forging alliances with other species. Since childhood, she had been captivated by the tales of adventure and heroism recounted by Starfleet officers, and she yearned to follow in their footsteps.

But Thrala’s fascination with Starfleet went beyond mere admiration for its noble mission. It was also fueled by a deeply personal connection to the organization. Among her family’s archives, Thrala had discovered the story of her ancestor, Zita Ojhosi, a courageous Starfleet officer who had gone missing in the line of duty during the late 22nd century.

Ri’pala Grivath (Academy Years, 2397-2401)

Despite Thrala doing very well in her academics over at Starfleet Academy, during most training simulations that she participated in within the holodeck really overwhelmed her due in part to the fact that an engineer’s job within the Federation was to fully ensure the overall health and wellbeing of the ship itself. Kind of like how those who had chosen to work within the medical field of Starfleet are relied heavily upon to ensure the health of an entire crew. As a result, she had received less than stellar scores in regard to that side of things during her four years stay at the Academy. At one point during a holodeck mission her training crew had really relied heavily upon her and the other trainees to get them out of a crucial situation where they needed to gain the correct amount of power in order to escape the grasp of an assimilation cube, Thrala had overestimated how much power she truly needed for the warp core which resulted in all hands aboard the U.S.S. Exeter being lost.

During the middle years of her time at the academy, Thrala had joined two extracurricular activities such as painting which was a hobby that she had liked to do alongside her father back on her home planet along with joining the Academy swim team for a time. This was where she had met the lion share of her friends and where she had grown a bit closer to her one very close friend Maya Uli who hailed from the planet Vulcan. After having met and been within the same trainee bridge team for a long while, they had almost become inseparable which had become somewhat of an inside joke with their training team with the others calling them both “Kirk and Spock”, which they had both really loathed at first but came to embrace the joke during the very last two years of their stay at the Academy.

Aside from what she had done during her middle years at the academy. Thrala was very quick to take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge and Federation history that the school itself had to offer which helped her look into her ancestors Zita Ojhosi’s mysterious disappearance which had become the stuff of legend within the Ojhosi clan, and Thrala felt a profound kinship with her long-lost ancestor. She was drawn to Zita’s legacy of bravery and exploration that she had heard so much of as a small child, and she yearned to finally solve this mystery which had been on her mind for so long. And to her surprise she was able to find out about a good bit about her but nothing to fully put her fate into stone, however this hadn’t discouraged her and so she simply decided to wait until she had her own means of finding out more about Zita Ojhosi, which wouldn’t be for a long while, due to her having received a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave the confines of the Academy’s training sims and had  been accepted into the fold of Starbase Bravo as an engineering trainee. Thanks to how incredibly well she had done on the academic side and her engineering work that she had shown off thus far to the academy instructors. 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2398 General Education and Basic Starship Operation Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade
2398 - 2399 General Education and Basic Starship Operation Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2399 - 2400 Advanced Starship Operations - Operations Specialization Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2400 - 2401 Advanced Starship Operations - Operations Specialization Starfleet Academy, Mellstoxx III
Cadet Senior Grade
2401 - Present Cadet Trainee - Operations Starbase Bravo